I wanted to tell you “Thank You” one more time…..

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You know it seems sort of funny, each day this week I have ended with a comment. Now that you have made sure we stay on the net, I don’t know what to do. Well, that a little white lie, I do know what to do but will you get tired of hearing it for the 4 or 5 weeks…..


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


I know I will never get tired of saying it to you. Saving our little spot on the net means more to us than you can ever imagine. Everything I do I put my heart and soul into it. I never do anything half-assed, that isn’t my style. If I am going to do something, I am going to put my all into it.  The first site we had on MSN, I did just that. I poured everything I had into it. Then when MSN closed the groups, I was upset to say the least. But then I had been working in the background on our new site on Yuku. No matter what I did, I just could never make that spot feel right. It just didn’t feel like home. When I shut it down, it was a relief. I know that is terrible to say but it was.


While I was on my break from the internet, the Goddess got a hold on me. She picked my little butt up and pointed me to WordPress. I didn’t know a darn thing about blogging but I sincerely believe the Goddess helped me make this site. I could feel Her presence every time I came to work on this site. The more I worked on it, the more it started to feel like home. And of course, this baby has my heart and soul in it. I know the Goddess helped me build this site. The Goddess is in the site just as much as I am. I made Her a promise when this site was finally ready for others to call home.  I thought last week, I might not be able to fulfill my promise to Her. Losing the site and breaking my promise to the Goddess, I just couldn’t stand to even think about it.


I know you all probably got tired of me hollering about money. I am so very sorry I had too, believe me, please! I hate asking anyone for anything. I appreciate your patience with me. I know I had to get on your nerves. I got on my own nerves, lol! But at the time it wasn’t very funny. Now you know why it was so very important for us to save this site. For me to pester you to death, I couldn’t let the Goddess down. She has always been a great Mother to me. There has been nothing I have not asked of Her that She did not take care of. I owe Her so much. She has brought all of us together and that means more than anything to me.  She continues to guide people to our site. We are constantly growing and getting bigger by the day. I believe we are honestly blessed.


It is very important that we continue the Goddess’ work. People must know the truth about us and more important about our Divine Mother. I believe, like myself, if She ever touches their heart, they will never leave. To feel Her presence and to know She is with you is the best feeling in the world. I might not live to see it, but I believe one day Paganism and Witchcraft will become the main religions throughout the world. And it all started with our Ancestors and you. Pat yourself on the back because you deserve it, my friend.


I can never thank you enough for all you have done for the WOTC and myself. I love each and everyone of you, you are my family.  I must say I am a very fortunate witch to be able to call each of you, my brothers and sisters.


Thank you so very, very much,

Lady A

7 thoughts on “I wanted to tell you “Thank You” one more time…..

  1. Oh yes.. and by the way.. I never thought you were ignoring me 🙂 I realize that you are an in- CREDIBLY busy little witch (((hugs))) also, I would like to wish you a most Magickal Full Moon night.. may our Great Silver Lady shine upon you, bringing you peace, comfort, and all of your needs met to the fullest.. So Mote it Be!!


    1. Thank you, sis. Happy Full Moon Blessings to you too! I won’t be getting outside it has rained all day here and is still raining. I plan on writing more to you later. Till then……….
      Love ya,
      Lady A


  2. Ah honey.. you haven’t offended me in the least (((hugs))) but I’m so sorry about your darling little Stinker. Yes, my Fiona passed in January and my heart still hurts for her. I miss her something fiercely. Cry? I cry so much for her. I completely understand your feelings of the fear of waking up and not having Stinker there to greet you.. I’m in tears just thinking on all this and my heart aches for what you’re going through (((hugs))). Perhaps I’m more drawn to the black because so many people aren’t.. black cats are so shunned. Fiona had such a personality.. and we’re so tight. Kolleen and I have not bonded anywhere near the same way.. she’s adorable.. she follows me from room to room but she doesn’t like to be held or cuddled. She likes to be petted while on the floor.. but only on her terms. Perhaps as she gets older she’ll become more close? I dunno. Am I looking for a familiar? I think I’ll have to leave that up to the Universe.. All.. Source.. let Nature takes its course. All we can do is love them and let them love us. That’s what they do. I know that Fiona loved me.. oh man.. tears.. again.. Stinker and all your critters love you to bits.. so unconditionally.. that’s just what they do. Yes, Scraggyboy still comes around. I have a sleeping den on the ground right next to the deck so that he can hop right up onto the deck to eat in his eating den which is right outside the doors. I can open the doors and give him his food without having to go right outside (during the winter). And he doesn’t have far to go in bad weather. I like to be as accommodating as possible. Now that the nicer weather is here he’s out and about more.. but I saw him this morning. He isn’t a cuddler either.

    As for my Path.. back in the day.. when it came to Gods and Goddess’s.. I always felt kind of .. I dunno.. odd ?.. I researched the way that was suggested to me and really tried to connect with them.. but it just felt odd to me. I believe that Higher Being.. Source.. The All.. God’s/esses whatever name you wish to call them, are all around us.. within us.. surrounding empowering .. at all times. You haven’t offended me.. and I’m truly happy that you’ve found your niche, your Path, your way.. I feel more connected, empowered.. good energy.. when I’m amongst Nature.. whether I’m in my backyard, out walking in the woods or beach, up to my elbows in dishwater or in the shower.. gazing at flame of a candle or welcoming the winds against my body.. gosh.. just thinking about it I feel my blood quickening.. God’s/ess, Source, The All, whatever name you wish to go by.. is Everything.. Everywhere.. in All things.. I’m going to go out on a limb here and hope to not offend.. but.. here goes.. I have the notion that.. ok.. each Goddess has her own characteristics, or aspects.. personalities.. and I believe that if you look a each one individually, you’d find that for each Goddess, you’ll find that their characteristics mirror our own.. they live within us. Just a thought.

    Hubby is working, but he doesn’t make anywhere NEAR enough to support us. Which seems to be the way here. There are minimum wage jobs here and there.. but as we all know, that doesn’t come even close to paying rent let alone groceries or bills. It sickens me the way our country favors one group of citizens over their own.. not that I want anything bad to happen to ANYONE.. I don’t mean that at all. I think its criminal that governments keep taking and taking.. oh I better stop..

    Lady A.. I love you and wish I had words to help you cope with Stinker. I wish they could live with us until OUR last day so that we could go off together.. (((hugs))) I will light a candle for your Little Stinker and keep you all in my chants..

    I’d love to see blogger?? is that a different site?


  3. I’m so glad that everything has worked out.. I would of missed you and your site so much. I wish I was in a better financial way to be able to help. Right now things are seriously bad.. to the point where we might possibly lose our home, hubby told me we have enough to pay one more mortgage payment, so I do understand all to well. You have a wonderful group of brothers and sisters here.. may each one be blessed for their kindness and generosity..


    1. Hey there sis,
      I don’t want you to know think I have been ignoring you. I have just been super, super busy. I read were you mentioned your hubby losing his job. I am so sorry, hun. We have unemployment down here. Do ya’ll have anything like that up there? It bothers me to know end to think about you losing your home. Times is rough all over. I didn’t imagine it being that bad up there too. Hell down here you couldn’t find a job if you paid them to let you work. I don’t know what they expect people to do. I just hope and pray you don’t lose your home. Goodness, that is terrible. Do you have a place to go if worse comes to worse? I know you probably don’t want to move in with your Mother but at least you would have a roof over your head. How about groceries, do you have groceries? It is absolutely horrible down here. The U.S. is suppose to be the greatest nation on the planet. We have people losing their houses, sleeping in the streets, children going to bed every night hungry. We have turned into a third world country. I guess we must be taking every other country down the drain with us. I will keep you in my prayers, sweetie.

      I agree with you, the people in this site are amazing. There is nothing that I have ever asked them for that they didn’t provide. I have even received gifts from some of them. I was talking to a friend on here and I told him I couldn’t understand it at all. He explained it to me, that everyone looks at me like their High Priestess. I told him I wasn’t a H.P., at all, just an ordinary Solitary Witch. He told me to think what I wanted to but he knew how they felt about me. He said he even thought of me as his H.P. I have never consider myself one nor have I pretended to be one. I am just a very fortunate witch that has a super group of people that support us. I have come to know several of them personally and I have to admit they are terrific. Between all the members here and the way the site keeps growing daily, I know we have to be truly blessed. I love them to pieces. Now you know why I spend my time here instead of Facebook. My family is here and I am glad you are a part of it, sis.

      I don’t want to get to personal, but….I remember you saying you had become more of an Elemental Witch than what you use to be. Correct me if I am wrong because I really don’t remember how you put it. I believe you said that you didn’t acknowledge the Goddess the way you use too??? If I am wrong, please let me know. It is not my intentions to offend you at all. Here goes, have you thought about coming back to the Goddess? I remember a dear Celtie that didn’t have a care in the world when we were on MSN. You were so happy and in love with your future hubby. Remember me telling you I saw you getting married and living happily ever after. I know for sure the happily ever after part ain’t easy. It takes work and when you have financial difficulties that makes it even hardier on a marriage. Got off on the wrong subject, sorry! My point is that when you were with the Goddess, you seemed to be the happiest person on the face of this planet. Have you thought about coming back to the Goddess? I know you have probably read my preaching on the site about my experiences with the Goddess. They are all true. There are times that things pile up on me and I think I can handle any of it anymore. Then I turn every thing over to the Goddess and it works out. She has never refused me anything. I believe everything happens for a reason. Maybe this is Her way of calling you back. I could be preaching to the choir here too. Perhaps I am wrong thinking what you told me about your Path. If I am, please forgive me. But if I am not, think about coming back to the Goddess, please! I am sorry about the sermon but you have been on my mind recently. Something keeps telling me you are searching for something. What I don’t know, you only know that. All I want for you, is all the happiest in the world. You have been through so much you deserve it more than anyone I know.

      Now onto something else, I remember you talking about poor Fiona and her passing. I believe Stinker is getting ready to leave me. He is 17 years old and his health has been going down hill for these last couple of months. He is not in any pain but you can tell his health is fading quickly. I don’t figure he will be with me very much longer. Every time I think about it, I tune up and cry. If there is any type of alzheimer’s for cats, I believe he has it. If I don’t see him every morning when I first get up, I am scared to death I am going to find him dead. I keep asking the Goddess to just give me one more day with him. I know when he goes, it will break my heart. He will be the last of the group that was with Mocha. Damn, I miss her something terrible. Kiki is sweet and adorable but the bond I had with Mocha was very strong. I have a bond with Kiki but isn’t the same type I had with Mocha. Oh, yeah, what about that stray cat that had come up to your place? Did he stay? Do you have a new familiar now? If not, are you looking for one? My daughter has five baby kittens that need a home. You think we could ship you one! She has a little black one and she won’t let anyone have it. She tells them, that one is reserved for her mother. Oh, boy! Why do people associate black cats with witches(especially your family). I honestly don’t see taking anything new in. I am sure I would have one heck of a problem with Razzy and another new critter. I don’t see that working out at all. Razzy has got so big and she is all muscle. She gets tired of me being on the computer, she will hop on the desk. Then lay straight across my keyboard. You can’t see a think except all cat and one big cat at that. She use to jump from the bed to the back of my chair. Then she would weasel her way down to my neck. She finally figured it out she was killing my neck and quit

      Well I don’t really know of anything else to say. It is getting late and I want to run to blogger real quick before I go to bed. I have plans on making a Shadow Book over there. I know we have a BOS here but I have some nasty curses and hexes I wouldn’t put on here for anything. So I figure that would be a good place to put them. Believe it or not, I have lots of requests for hexes and curses. Anyway, I like playing on Blogger. They let you have all the cool toys over there. When I get it finished you will have to come over and check it out. I am going to run for now. Hun, if I said anything to offend you, that was not my intent and please forgive. I only want the best for you. You ought to know that by now. I will keep you in my prayers. Write back when you can.
      Love ya,
      Lady A


  4. Blessings Lady A.

    Thank you for the lovely email. Very touching.
    I should be thanking you for having such a lovely site for us to look at and read all your warming and loving posts.

    Many thanks and may light and love be with you.

    Zara 🌛🌝🌜


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Zara. I don’t know what to say, you have flattered me so. I appreciate everything you said. It is nice to know the people are enjoying our site. It is also nice to know that I come across warm and loving, I wonder at times how people take what I have to say. I know I have got kidded about some of my Southern slang I use but I can’t help it. I was raised here, lol! Seriously though, I hope you continue to enjoy the site. If you need anything, just let me know. Thank you again, Zara.
      May the Goddess Bless You & Yours,
      Lady A


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