The Witches Spell for May 11th – A Spell to Send Employment to a Friend

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A Spell to Send Employment to a Friend


For the following spell you will need a piece of paper, a pen, an herb or powder associated with prosperity, a green candle, a fire-proof tin, and some water.

Inscribe upon the paper the name of the person who is in search of employment. Set your tools in your allotted sacred space, be it upon an altar or anyplace in which you perform rituals. Cast a

circle if you wish.

Lightly sprinkle the paper with the water, cleansing and empowering it. Place the paper before you. Hold your hands over it,imagining white light flowing through your hands into the paper.

Visualize the individual attaining the job of their dreams. Do not imagine them at a specific job, but merely see the person in your mind smiling and working happily.

Sprinkle the herb(s) on top of the paper. Fold it so that it acts as a pocket or envelope holding the herb(s) inside.

Holding the paper in your hands, chant the following until you feel you have raised enough energy and that the object is properly charged:

Element of earth, fruits of your bounty
Please bring the right job to (name of person).
Sun and stars, moon and comet
Bring to (name) the best employment.

When the energy has been raised and the object has been charged, use the flame of the green candle to set it on fire, immediately placing it into the fire-proof container. Wait until the embers have cooled. Then release the ash into the wind.

Be sure to have fire extinguishing materials nearby in case of an unexpected accident