A Deep Sigh

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A Deep Sigh

Have you felt the love of our Mother?
Gently touching all aspects of life
Like the soft caress of a mild breeze
A fleeting ray of sunshine

Her sadness deepens at the course of things
Like a gray cloud stretched across the sky
A deep sigh of understanding
The balance of life forever changing

Her children stumbling all about
Rage and anger our daily fare
Voices rising in a chaotic din
No one stopping to listen

Faster and faster our lives become
Yet where is it that we are running to
Faces become a forgotten blur
Community becomes a lonely place

Brother and sister divided
Each clamoring to be the one
Where peace and harmony once ruled
All is now an emotional chasm

Janus looking to and fro
The Keepers of the gate are lost
Armies on the march
Humans stumbling in the mist

Bloodshed is our legacy
And we pretend to notice not
Justifying our dark deeds
The face of our Mother fades away

And yet, she waits in the shadows
Hoping for the day
When her children rediscovers her love
And thus regain their lost and darkened souls

Like a bright flame in the night
She offers us another chance
A way to find each other
Casting asunder the dark, in favor of the light