The Daily Motivator for May 8th – Making wishes come true

Making wishes come true

If every one of your wishes were instantly granted, you’d probably regret most of them. Fortunately, it takes more than wishing to make it so.

The wishes that come true are the wishes you really, truly want to come true. That’s because you must commit to them and work to bring them about.

Just imagine how disordered and superficial life would be if you were granted every little thing you wished for. Nothing would really have any value to you, because you would not have the opportunity to build that value with your time and effort.

The work you do to achieve what you desire is what makes that achievement meaningful. That work gives you the chance to put your own unique value into the achievement, and that’s what you truly desire.

So, by all means, wish for the very best for yourself, your community, your family and your world. Then get busy bringing those positive wishes to life.

Because you deserve much more than merely a wish that comes true. You deserve to be the person who makes it happen.

— Ralph Marston
The Daily Motivator