A Very Bright & Blessed Wednesday To All My Family & Friends!

Good Morning Images
Sorry I am running late but I admit I over slept. It was a three ring circus around here last night. It was such a beautiful evening. Kiki and I were outside looking at the stars and enjoying the nice breeze that was blowing. Suddenly our beautiful evening was interrupted by the mother cougar. I heard her and she was coming home early for some reason. I immediately grabbed Kiki and we went inside. I did catch a glimpse of the cougar, she has killed something and was bringing it to her cubs. Bedtime rolled around and thoughts of the cougar were the furthest thing from my mind. I thought what a wonderful evening to open the windows and sleep. About 3:30, Kiki woke me up to this strange sound outside. I listened, it sounded like something hitting the side of the house. I couldn’t imagine what it could be. Razzy immediately hopped into the window to see what she could see. I noticed she was tracking something outside. So I grabbed the ball bat and when over to the window. Just as I got there all hell broke loose. That mother cougar took her great big paw and ran it straight through the screen. She was after Razzy (remember Raz is a bobcat). Thank goodness I had my hand on Razzy because she almost went out the window with the cougar. She was ready to fight, I grabbed the not so little fart by the tail and jerked her back. Apparently I jerked a little to hard, she ended up on the other side of the room. Now picture this, the mother cougar is looking at me and I am looking at her. I could tell by looking at her eyes, she was pissed. Well she wasn’t the only one. I picked up the ball bat and started popping her on the head.  After about 6 or 7 pops she went back to where she belonged. After about an hour or so, we all calmed down. I know the local morning News was on when I went back to sleep. But those cubs are big enough to survive with their mother out in the wild. Tonight they are all leaving. I love my familiars to pieces. If she had killed Razzy, I would went out that window after her myself. But that is the reason, I am running late. It seems like there is always something going on. Somebody told me once I ought to write a book. My reply was no one would believe it, they would stick it in the fiction section of the store, lol!


Ok, enough about me…….I did a check on our ISP Drive and guess what? We are only $130.00 away from meeting our goal (and that goal is to pay the bill). You are so very wonderful, you truly are. I am blessed to be able to call all of you my family.   Even though we are have a little bit to go, I want to thank all those who have contributed and all those who will.

Goddess Bless You All,

Lady A