Witches Magick for May 6th – Choosing the Right Crystal for Your Purpose

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Choosing the Right Crystal for Your Purpose

By Elise Lebeau, M. Sc.

Most people who want to use crystals have a particular purpose in mind. Although some families of minerals are more likely to yield the desired result, not all specimens from the same family have similar properties, whether physical (such as fluorescence) or metaphysical (such as healing). Additionally, not everyone reacts the same way when exposed to a crystal.

How to Find the Right Healing Stone

First, let us examine what is the most important criterion when selecting a crystal: vibrational match to your purpose. Everything around us vibrates at a particular frequency. This frequency is related to the movement of the atoms of our physical world and it changes overtime. Even during the course of a day, your own vibrational frequency will vary. As you feel happy, successful and fulfilled, your vibrational frequency is quite high. But when you do your taxes, worry about work, or get into a fight with a loved one, your frequency goes down.

Increasing Your Vibrational Frequency

When you seek the help of a crystal, you are enlisting a powerful ally to “raise” your vibrational frequency. No matter what the crystal is used for, its desired effect is always an increase in your vibrational frequency. We often crave certain crystals because we have a great “vibrational match” with them. This vibrational match means that proximity to this crystal raises our vibrational frequency, thus making us feel “good.”

Selecting a crystal for a particular purpose is a great way to help yourself without having to devote much energy to it. The proximity of the crystal is constantly affecting your own frequency, guiding you upward toward your goal. Similarly, a crystal that does not have a good match is constantly draining you by lowering your vibrational frequency. Hence, selecting the right crystal is of crucial importance.

There are many books that describe crystals and their usage, yet most of them disagree on exact properties. This makes perfect sense if you consider that different crystals of the same family have different properties, and also that people will react to them differently. But this does make the selection of the right crystal more challenging, if you don’t know how to proceed.

Crystal Selection Process

Here is a simple process to identify which crystal will work best for your specific goal.

Clearly identify your purposeLook for a few crystal varieties that seem to support your goal (in a book, online, from a professional, etc.).

Pick a specific specimen that offers vibrational match to your frequency.

That last part is best accomplished by holding the crystal in your hand or thinking about holding it (if you’re buying online for example) and state your purpose: “I want to lose weight.” Always state the purpose in an affirmative sentence (so don’t say: “I want to stop feeling angry”). Affirmative sentences allow the flow of energy (which is what you want), while negative sentences trigger resistances. Close your eyes while you state your purpose so you can focus inward.

If you are more in-tuned with your emotions, look for a good feeling (light, tingly, happy, smiling, good memories come to mind, laughing are all good). If you are more in-tuned with your body, you can use muscle testing: balance yourself upright and let your body “hover” and let it fall in the direction it wants. If you fall forward, it means you have a good match. If you fall backwards, you don’t. There are many different ways to use muscle testing for this purpose, this is an easy one.

Opening Up to Your Crystals

Once you have found the crystal, make a conscious decision to let yourself be open to its influence. In order to interact with the physical world, we often need to shutdown our receptivity to outside influences. That can lead to a generalized shutdown where all influences are blocked. You might find yourself inadvertedly fighting the crystal’s influence.

One last thing you can do to facilitate the influence process is to place your crystal close to a small water fountain. Do not place them in the water, as the mineral deposits might damage them. But anywhere near the fountain will do. This allows the very powerful chi of the water to propagate the vibrational frequency of the crystal throughout your house or office. If you are curious to know how this works, you can read on the work of Dr. Emoto and his famous book Messages from Water. His work describes how the vibrational frequency of intention can alter the molecular composition of water.