Experience The Witch Trial First Hand, Could You Survive?

There is a spot on the National Geographic Site that has always captured my imagination. The site walks you through what our Ancestors actually experienced during the Witch hunts and trials. When I stop to think about it, it is very sad. It is sad to believe that someone could point a finger and scream “Witch,” you were then grabbed and carted off to jail. No one would listen to your side of the story. No one cared. All that was important is everything was done to ensure that person appeared as a witch. The atmosphere was crazed, hysteria run rampant, it was a very terrifying time whether you were a witch or not. I know there were millions that were recorded being killed during this period of time. The numbers of people killed in Europe was staggering. It is horrible to think that so many were killed, whether they were witches or not, it didn’t matter. No one cared.  Your life belonged to someone else and that person was determined you were going to die…….

Could you survive the Witch Trials? Find out the fate you would have been dealt.


National Geographic presents Salem, the Witch Hysteria

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