BOYCOTT! Copenhagen Zoo Murders Young Giraffe BOYCOTT!

A healthy young giraffe named Marius was shot dead and necropsied, which is an autopsy for animals, in the presence of visitors.

I don’t know if you have read this horrific story or not. I heard it last night on the News and it made me sick. The young, healthy giraffe, above, was shot in the head and this dissected in front of visitors. The reason for shooting this beautiful animal is because they did not want their animals to interbreed. There was an offer from another zoo to take the animal but the original zoo declined their offer. Instead of giving the beautiful giraffe to another zoo to help with their repopulation they shoot it in the head. Murdering it.

Signing a petition does no good. Boycotting these barbarians does. Hit them where it hurts in their wallets. I sincerely hope if you live in the Copenhagen area you boycott this zoo. I hope it is picketed and I sincerely hope it is eventually closed down. People that treat one poor animal like this have no business dealing with any animals at all.

Please pass this story along and call for a  boycott against this zoo and their inhumane treatment of animals.

Read the entire story here.

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One thought on “BOYCOTT! Copenhagen Zoo Murders Young Giraffe BOYCOTT!

  1. Marius was not only murdered and dissected in front of visitors but most of them were children. Then he was butchered and fed to the lions. Some people asked why he couldn’t be neutered and the zoo keepers said they were not sure what that would do to his health. Well, what they did to him was definitely not good for his health. I have not been able to take this story out of my mind since I read it on the web and saw the photos. Before Marius was slaughtered the Danes had started a petition to save him but the petition was disregarded. I think someone at the zoo had a grudge against poor Marius and wanted him dead and that was that. That particular zoo has a “breeding program” for giraffes. Maybe they should rescind that program and thoroughly check out this zoo.


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