Calendar of the Sun for Saturday, February 8th

Calendar of the Sun

8 Solmonath

Ganymede’s Day

Colors: Light blue and white
Elements: Water and Air
Altar: Set on cloth of sky blue a great cup, or horn, of wine. Lay around it feathers of many flying birds, and the figure of an eagle.
Offerings: Feathers. Acts of service to people you love.
Daily Meal: Poultry. Sausages. Phallic breads and cakes, cream-filled. Phallic vegetables.

Invocation to Ganymede

Beautiful youth of the high winds
Rider of the eagle
You who knew a mortal life
And was transformed
By the power of love
And the willingness to serve,
Let us learn those lessons,
That we may fly high
And come to know divinity
In every way possible.
Cupbearer of the Gods,
Let us drink of your clear sight
Let us taste of your generosity
Let us remember your story
As one of inspiration.

Chant: Kouros Askophoroi Kouros Askophoroi

(One man who has been chosen to do the work of the ritual comes forth with the cup or horn and says, “I am at your service. Drink of my love.” All drink, and the rest is poured as libation. Ideally, this should be a man whose sexual preferences are for other men, or at least who is not averse to deeply loving other men in his heart. If it is possible, the Great Rite for men shall then be performed by two men either of the household or brought in as visitors, and all shall sit in a circle facing outward as they are wrapped in a blue cloth and lie in the center. When it is done, all shall go to their quarters and meditate on Love and service, or have ritual sex, alone or with others. Such ritual sex that is done with others should concentrate on sexual service to each other.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

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