Daily Motivator for Jan. 21 – Immense bounty

Immense bounty

Remind yourself right now, and often again, how good you have it. The more  you’re aware of how good you have it, the better it all gets.

You are capable beyond anything you have yet imagined. You have access to  resources you don’t yet even know are there.

The way to make better use of the immense bounty in your life is to more  fully appreciate it. Be amazed at how good you have it, and you’ll become even  more amazed at all the great things you can do.

All sorts of dangers, limitations, disappointments and shortcomings may  forcefully and dramatically demand your attention. Don’t neglect such problems,  but don’t make them the centerpiece of your awareness either.

Instead, see all the negative aspects of life from the larger perspective of  your positive possibilities. Know without a doubt how truly good you have it,  and you’ll naturally take every problem in stride.

Remember always how good you have it. And you’ll keep yourself always in a  position of great strength.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

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