Let’s Talk Witch – Reversal Spells

Let’s Talk Witch – Reversal Spells

Now, I always get on a kick of how to protect yourself, you home and your loved ones from many things. But if you are seriously under magickal attack from someone who is determined to hurt you, you may need to take a more proactive approach.

Someone casting spells for revenge or malice should be considered extremely dangerous. It’s possible that protective spells alone won’t be enough to stop them.

In an extreme case like that, you may want to consider a Reversal Spell. A reversal spell is like holding up a big mirror. Remember the kid’s saying, “I am rubber and you are glue?” Well a reversal spell will rebound any dark spells onto the attacker and hopefully end the attack.

A reversal spell does not violate the Wiccan Rede, because you do not intend to cause harm. You only want to deflect the negative effects from yourself, and let the attacker feel the full force of their own spells. You will basically force them into a trap of their own making. The bad energy already exists, you are not causing it, just directing it back to thes source.

But before you attempt a reversal spell, here’s what you should do first.

You must identify your attacker. Reversing a spell on the wrong person could have disastrous consequences, so it’s always important to make sure you know where the attack is coming from.

To identify you attacker, you may use a form of divination. Here’s how you do it:

Write the names of your suspects on a piece of paper, and add “unknown” to the end of your list, just in case your attacker is not on your list.

Now, take your pendulum. Clear your mind of all unnecessary thoughts and leave it open and receptive to vibrations of energy. Place the pendulum over the first name and ask if this is the person who attacked you. If it is and if you are properly focused and connected, the pendulum will swing wildly.

If it’s not, move on to the next name and repeat the request again.

If you can’t get conclusive results, it’s possible that you are too mentally scattered or emotionally involved to get an objective answer. In that case, it’s best to wait and try again in a few days, or to turn to someone else with a knowledge of magick to perform a divination for you. But please don’t go ahead with a Reversal Spell unless you have positively identified your attacker.

If you have identified your attacker, though, then gather some dirt from the offender’s home and prepare these other ingredients for your Reversal Spell.

Items You Will Need:

Nine Pieces of Devil’s Shoestring Root

A Jar

Some Red and Black Pepper

Poppy Seeds

Don’t forget your magickal broom, circle and altar. Prepeard your magickal space first.

Nest bring to mind the jinx, curse or spell that has been put on you. Try your best to tap into the frequency of the spell, to get a feel for it. You may visualize a dark aura around you, or just sense the negative energy. It will be different for each person.

But once you can sense the curse, take a piece of devil’s shoestring in your right hand. Trace pentagram in the air in front of you, using the root. Feel it gather up the energy of the spell. As you make the vertical arm of the pentagram, say, “Thou art in the power of mine.”

Repeat this motion nine times, one for each piece of devil’s shoestring roots.

Father up all nine roots, which have collected all the bad energy and place them in the jar with the dirt from your attacker house. Add the red and black pepper, and the poppy seeds.

Go back to your attacker’s house and sprinkle the contents of the jar into their yard, saying the incantation:

“What malice you have aimed at me shall be now be returned bo thee. By my word and by my will, so may it be.”

Then walk away without looking back.

This spell has not only bound up the negative attack on you, but you have actually delivered ir right back to the sender’s front door. How about that Karma?

May sure you increase the protective spells on your home, and work on your protective shield, to prevent the attack from happening again.