Crystal Body Meditation

Crystal Body Meditation

This is an excellent meditation for rejuvenation, relaxation and
especially healing work.

Start by lying down in a comfortable position.
As you close your eyes, visualize your body exactly as it is right now, only it is made out of crystal. Begin breathing in a slow, all-connected
manner, one which is easy and relaxing. Feel yourself calming down.
There is no need to hurry or rush. Listen to the sound of your breath
moving through you like a wind of inner cleansing. Hear your heart
beating steadily, like a far off drum. This is all that exists right
now. You as body; you as mind; you as spirit.

Once your mind is soothed, begin to observe the crystal of your body in
your mind’s eye. Notice especially any spots which seem to have a
strange texture or colour. These indicate tensions, injury, imbalance or
sickness of some kind. Now, from above you picture a healing light
flowing down over you like a silver river. Begin to breathe in the light
as if it were air itself. See it filling each muscle, bone, and cell,
until it is exhaled as a muddy brown colour, returning it to the Mother.
This is an indication that the light-energy is collecting your tensions
and cleaning them out, and allowing for the body’s natural healing
process to work.

Continue this process until the colour and quality of the light which you
exhale is the same as that inhaled, until your entire being has become
the clearest crystal from which light can shine. Don’t worry if you fall
asleep during this, as it is a natural side effect of the meditation. If
you are still awake at the end, move from your pelvis to get up, taking
care not to change your centre of gravity so that you can bring this
fresh wholeness of being with you into the conscious state. Take notes
on your experience. This meditation can be repeated whenever you like.

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