Lamp Scrying

Lamp Scrying


Both the Egyptians and Babylonians scryed by means of an oil lamp. The lamp consisted of a stone which was shaped as a low open dish with a strip of white linen coiled in the oil that had an end which hung over the side of the dish. The Egyptians used clear oil made from oasis palm plants. They believed that the clearer the oil, the better the results.  This is in essence, candle or flame scrying, watching the flame, which can play tricks on your eyes in a dark room.

Ritual Lamp Scrying Techniques

Place your lamp on a table.  Sit on the west side facing east across the lamp.

Sunday : Sol (Ra)

Monday : Luna

Tuesday : Mars

Wednesday : Mercury

Thursday : Jupiter

Friday : Venus

Saturday : Saturn

Using the name of the God of that day, chant a suitable invocation toward the flame – in a soft voice – repeating several times. Your mantra may be as simple as calling the God’s name.  Focus on the flame. You may see or sense shadows off to one side (peripheral vision). Telepathically ask a question. You may hear voices or see images. Flames create illusion. This exercise is not for those with emotional problems.


3 thoughts on “Lamp Scrying

  1. The thing is, it has to come natural to you the way it does with me….if you can practice the art of zen while walking it just might! You can actually go into instant meditation even while walking!! Should this happen, I recommend you don’t cross any streets until you are done….lol….by the way….have you also heard of house or building scrying…?..if you can achieve the same through zen walking by sensing how old the materials of the house or building is…you can also get your answers this way!! Who knows!! I may even start a discussion on the art of scrying if you want? there are other ways to scry besides the traditional way, and it all works!! The catch is…you have to learn the art of zen walking, or zen sitting or any other kind of zen!!


  2. I can scry with any lamp or candle..even while walking outside, I can even scry with street lamps or lamps on buildings..of course I can do this at night…lol..but it’s an amazing feel when I can just get an instant message…anyways, now that I’m thinking of it, chanting a god’s or goddess name as a mantra is a great idear!! Thank you for posting this!!


    1. Thank you for your insight, Autumn. Personally I had never thought of Scrying using street lamps. I like to cloud scry. Laying on the porch with my favorite pup. Just staring up in the clouds and drifting off. I get so caught up in the scrying and feel like I am actually floating in the clouds. It doesn’t help I am scared of heights, lol! Thank you again for your insight, I will definitely have to give it a try.


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