Today Is Wednesday, Woden’s Day

Today Is Wednesday, Woden’s Day


“Wodanesdag” (Germanic)
“Wodensdag” (Old English)
“Othinnsdagr” ( Old Norse)
“Onsdag” (Danish)
“Wednesday” (English)

Odin/Woden is the Norse God of magic, battle fury, protection, inspiration, shaman ecstasy, consciousness and communication.

If men can accept their female side as Odin/Woden did, women can surely accept their male side. This day is the “hump day” or “half past the week day.” It is a day of balancing physically, mentally and spiritually.

You can accept Odin/Woden as the All-father and the Omnipotent God when you realize that he became more balanced by accepting the intuitiveness, emotions, sensitivity and the wisdom of women. He also considered Frija/Frigg as his equal and consulted her on all important matters. Her advise always weighed heavily in his decisions. Women in Norse mythology, although not as much is written about them as men, were considered equal with men in property, warring, and decisions. Romanization (getting conquered by the Romans) changed the status of women later on. We are still healing from the effects of the Romanization!

The Rune of choice for this day is Ethel (OE), Othala (G), or Othal (ON). This Rune represents the hearth, the home, justice and honoring our ancestors.