The Witches Magick for Dec. 11th – Clurichaun Blessing

Clurichaun Blessing

The residents of a house would leave offerings for the Clurichaun, who sing in Gaelic with enchantingly beautiful voices. Related to leprechauns, Clurichaun are house faeries that specialize in caring for and protecting wine and beer cellars. Clurichauns also guard a hidden treasure. In this spell, you are asking the Clurichaun to bless and protect your home.

You need a chalice full of wine (or juice) and your magick wand.

Begin by drawing a magick circle and calling in the elements. With your want in your right hand and the chalice of wine in your left hand, stand in front of the north point of the circle while saying:

Clurichauns and all good house faeries
Protect this home with your energies.

Go around to the east, south, and west points in that order, doing the same thing. Once this is completed, return to your altar and place the chalice of wine on it while saying:

I offer my thanks with this wine
To the Clurichauns this is my sign.
Bless the faeries, always, blessed be!

Thank the Clurichauns, bid farewell to the elements, and pull up the circle. Leave the chalice of wine on your altar overnight, and in the morning pour it into the earth as an offering to the faeries.