Calendar of the Sun for December 9th

Calendar of the Sun

9 Yulmonath

Evergreen Day

Color: Dark green and red
Element: Earth
Altar: Bare, with a red cloth. This is the day when evergreens are brought into the house from outside, to honor the spirits of the forest. All will go out at the beginning of Sponde and gather armloads of them, and bring them in to be laid in great heaps upon the altar.
Offerings: Put food outside for the forest spirits.
Daily Meal: Vegetarian

Evergreen Invocation

Hail to the Spirits of the Wild!
Hail to the life of the trees
Who do not sleep, but are awake and alive
Even through the coldest of winters!
Hail to the oldest, those who stood their watch
Long before tender leaves grew
On the branches of your descendants.
Hail to you who show us life
Even in the midst of death,
Hail to you who give us scent
Even in the midst of sleeping.
Hail to you who give the creatures
Of the wild their winter sustenance
And shelter among your branches.
Hail to the Wild Men, the spirits
Who danced through the houses of our ancestors
Bringing your blessings to the people.
Now we shall warm you in our home,
Until the time comes that you shall warm us.

Song: Evergreen: Song for the Wild Men

(All shall then take the evergreen branches and disperse them through the house, making wreath and garlands and hanging them wherever the blessings of the wild spirits are needed. A Yule tree is decorated on this day, with symbols of our faith.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]