Raffle for a Cause

*I copied this post from the original page. In case something doesn’t show up or the raffle button don’t work, there is a permanent link in the menu above. This raffle will run till August 25th. I hope you like the merchandise. Have fun and Enjoy!


I promised and I hope I delivered for you. In this raffle, it contains a choice of one of the three Book of Shadows below. The BOS have not been blessed or concentrated. They have been made under the best possible conditions. You are guaranteed to get a clean, ready to use, just for you BOS. All the BOS’s include paper also.

Remember a minimum of $5.00 can make one of these beautiful BOS’s yours. I would also like to take a quick moment to remind you of our cause. We are trying to raise enough money to purchase a push lawn mower to mow the office, around the refuge, pond and field. Our riding lawn mower blow up. Someone called the county because our grass is about mid-calf high. The county gave us so long to get it mowed till they are going to start fining us. The fine will be $100 a day till we get it mowed.  So please help keep us out of a pickle and me out of jail, lol!

Now let’s look at those beautiful Book of Shadows……


Small Pentagram Leather Blank Book of Shadows

Made of hand tooled leather, the Pentagram leather blank book is a  beautiful book for the creation of your new Book of Shadows, dream  diary, or any other such magical journal or grimoire that you are  putting to pen. With an embossed border that lend the impression of  verdant foliage, both its front and back covers have been worked to  depict an intricate, interwoven pentagram, entangled within a blossom of knotwork. The result is a beautiful image that lends to impression a  sense of occult mysticism alongside the natural mysteries of life.

Sandwiched between the book’s leather covers are approximately 240  pages of high quality, acid-free paper, made of recycled biomass. They  are perfectly suited for accepting charcoal, pen, pencil, or even paint. The book measures approximately 5″ by 7″.


Wiccan Blank Book of Shadows

This hardbound journal presents and an ornate cover that gives the  impression that is crafted of a rich, brown leather, immediately  providing the impression of classical journal or Book of Shadows. This  is only enhanced by the design that is printed on both the front and  back covers in gold coloring, providing a border of an ornate floral  design. This imagery frames a central image of a Triquetra; a symbol of  Celtic origin which has been adopted to the Wiccan faith as a symbol of  the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, or the three aspects of the Goddess.   Such powerful imagery makes the pages within perfect for both the  experienced and the budding Witch, with plenty of space to begin your  book of shadows, a dream journal, or whatever other compositions you  might wish to write.  This blank journal is  8 1/2″ long and 6″ wide and features 100 pages, making it perfect for your night stand, dresser  drawer, or other such places with limited space.


Witch’s Blank Book of Shadows

 With thick covers sculpted from cold-cast resin, this spiral-bound  journal proudly proclaims itself a Book of Shadows, with those words  displayed as a title against a background shaped so as to appear made of stone, and the image of a witch in flight before a crescent moon  sitting above the title.  Measuring approximately 5″ wide and 8″ tall,  it contains fine unlined paper.

Now you have seen these beautiful books, ready to get your raffle ticket, make your bid and good luck!

Thank you for entering the raffle. We appreciate it very much!