Let's Talk Witch – Hocus, Pocus! Making Your Own Potions!


Hocus Pocus, Making Your Own Potions

Making potions is a type of spell work. You need to focus clearly on your intentions and visualize what you want the outcome of your potion/ spell to be.  

In order to make your potion, try to make sure your environment is in good shape before you begin making your potion. The fewer distractions around you the easier it will be to concentrate and focus your energies on the potion.  

As far as ingredients and items you need to make your potions, always make sure you try to use fresh organic ingredients when possible. When it comes to items you need use what you can find — you don’t need a cauldron to make a potion for example, a saucepan will work just as well.

Also be sure to have a incantation or chant ready for when you are making your potion. Incantations and chants not only make your potions more powerful they also drive home your intentions.