Let Me Breathe: A Simple Abundance Meditation

Let Me Breathe: A Simple Abundance Meditation

It’s okay that you feel afraid, wild one, but it is not serving you. Pause  for a moment to release it now, and then return to this meditation any time you  feel the shadows begin to creep back in. Take a long, deep breath into your body  and then release it. Wonderful, do that again… breathe in even more slowly and  more deeply, holding it in for a moment and the release that breath from every  corner of your being, and hold that emptiness for a moment as well. Good. Now,  read along as you continue to breathe these same deep, cleansing breaths.

Let me breathe in the transformative love that flows with ease through  the universe, and breathe out the fear that aches in my chest. Let me breathe in  the healing light of the thousand angels who are holding me in this moment… and  breathe out the dark whispers that echo in my mind. Let me breathe in the warmth  of my spirit community and breathe out the lie of isolation. Let me breathe in  the simplicity I long for, and breathe out the hurt and complexities of  yesterday. Let me breathe in my wild and passionate nature, and breathe out  every obstacle to openness. Let me breathe in the truth that I AM, I AM… and  breathe out resistance to love. Let me breathe in divine abundance and then,  breathe out the need to deny the divine within. Let me breathe in the eternal  flow of love and abundance… and then breathe out to  release all that no longer  serves me.

2 thoughts on “Let Me Breathe: A Simple Abundance Meditation

  1. Thank you! In the Goddesses timing! I hadn’t realized how much I feared the events in life until I began to do this meditation!
    At the end of the meditation I felt and “saw” these things breaking apart…

    Then I received a message: The 5th Element is LOVE!
    How cool is that?


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