Exploring Your Crystals

Exploring Your Crystals

For this visualisation exercise, choose one of your favourite crystals, one you already know quite well. A good place to hold the crystal for this exercise is at the solar plexus.

1. Sit in a relaxed comfortable position, holding the stone in both hands. Take a few moments just to relax and focus on the crystal in your hands.

2. Slowly let your awareness float down into the crystal until you reach a point where you seem to come to rest.

3. In your minds eye, identify how the crystal feels to you. is it warm or damp, cool or dry, smooth or rough? Take a minute or two to explore the energy of the crystal through your inner touch.

4. Now relax again and turn your attention to any quality of sound within the crystal, whether it appears to be a tone, a pulse or a tune. Is it high or low? Simple or complex? Listen to the sound of the crystal for a few moments, then relax again.

5. Take a few deep breaths, then imagine you are breathing in the crystal’s energy through your nostrils. What smell, what taste does the crystal have? Can you identify it?

6. Relax once more, then open your inner eyes. Imagine what the structure and the energy of your crystal looks like: the quality of light, the images, the landscapes, scenes and figures that may be related to you. Don’t attempt to analyze what you see. Just let the imagery play before your eyes.

7. Now become aware once more of the crystals taste, its smell, its sounds and its touch. Very gradually bring your awareness out of the crystal and become more aware of your body and the world around you. Record notes in your journal so that you may remember your experiences.