Your Weekend Lunar Love Horoscopes for Feb.8 – 10

Weekend Love Horoscopes

February 8 – 10: Make Your Escape

Jeff Jawer  Jeff Jawer on the topics of love, horoscopes, astrology

Freedom and forgiveness could make this a memorable weekend. Friday is brightened by the friendliness of the Aquarius Moon, which encourages a willingness to encounter different kinds of people and experimentation. The later it gets, the wilder we feel, as favorable lunar connections to unconventional Uranus and open-minded Jupiter lift social restrictions. There’s no need to take things seriously, as we blow off steam without worrying too much about the consequences.

If someone goes too far and says or does something inappropriate, it’s likely to be forgiven when the rebellious Aquarius New Moon resets the emotional clock shortly after midnight on Sunday. Risky behavior is appealing, which is fine when it liberates feelings and leads to fun. But bending rules and breaking hearts by making unrealistic promises will probably produce an emotional hangover, leaving heartache and regrets behind the following morning.

Fortunately, the Moon’s move into spiritual Pisces brings compassion on Sunday afternoon, which helps us to forgive mistakes and heal relationship wounds. Imagination flourishes with this lunar placement, making it a perfect time for a romantic escape from reality. Taking a walk on a secluded beach, listening to beautiful music or watching a movie are wonderful ways to relax and recharge without the pressure of seeking explanations, setting goals or solving problems.