Your Weekend Lunar Love Horoscopes for Feb. 1 – 3

Weekend Love Horoscopes

February 1 – 3: Get a Little Closer

Jeff Jawer    Jeff Jawer on the topics of love, horoscopes, astrology

The weekend starts sweetly with the Moon’s presence in lovely Libra on Friday. Putting others first and acting graciously flow easily in this sociable sign. Finding pleasure in pairs or in groups comes from an open-minded interest in people and a commitment to cooperation. Conflict may be avoided at all costs by taking the path of least resistance, which hides deeper needs behind a smile.

Emotions intensify on Saturday morning with a lunar shift into passionate Scorpio. The desire for closeness is so strong that it’s better to connect in an intimate setting than to be out in public or part of a crowd. The Moon’s conjunction with responsible Saturn shadows the night and wee hours of the following morning with a somber light. It’s an auspicious time to get down to the serious business of addressing complex relationship issues.

Although this task may not sound like fun, it’s a great opportunity to get so real with someone that you both know exactly where you stand. When this conversation is done with kindness, it’s a moment when a partnership can be strengthened and trust is earned. This exchange is more realistic than romantic at first, but when honesty and compassion meet it can create a bond that will take intimacy to a much more satisfying level.