Daily Cosmic Calendar for November 30th

Keep out of mischief-making during the first few hours of the day when the Moon remains void in Gemini. Once the lunar orb enters its natural abode of watery Cancer (5:56AM PST), you can breathe a big sigh of relief and get on with the business of sprucing up your residence. Make the kitchen and bath areas sparkle again. Out with clutter, grease and grime; in with a new shine and sense of pride around your home base.  Helping you nurture dear ones and be more productive across the board is the monthly Moon-Ceres conjunction (7:26AM PST). Use this union to add healthful foods to your weekly diet. Cooking, baking and taking care of your lawn and garden (weather permitting) are back in style.  Emotional mood swings may rock your psychic interior this evening as Mars is contra-parallel to Ceres (9:28PM PST), Mercury makes a frictional, 135-degree link to its higher-octave planet Uranus (10:34PM PST), and Mars forms an inspirational, 72-degree tie with Pallas (10:42PM PST). While the Mars-Ceres and Mercury-Uranus connections carry a strong note of cosmic turbulence, the Mars-Pallas rapport can play the role of problem-solver to the hilt.  However, warning signals continue to flash red as November morphs into December since two, off-kilter, 150-degree sky patterns — Mercury with Vesta, and Venus with Jupiter — are about to manifest at 12:27AM PST and 12:46AM PST respectively, tomorrow morning, Saturday December 1. You will really want to stay emotionally calm and mentally clear as the last month of 2012 comes into being.