Calendar of the Sun for November 21

Calendar of the Sun


21 Blutmonath

Quetzalcoatl’s Day

Colors: Bright red, gold, green, and blue
Element: Air
Altar: On a multicolored cloth set many feathers of different colors, and a plate of chocolate.
Offerings: Colored feathers. Make something creative.
Daily Meal: Mexican food. Chocolate.

Invocation to Quetzalcoatl

Feathered Serpent
Creature of earth
That learned to fly,
You who brought the gifts
Of civilization and culture
To a troubled people,
You who fought against
The unnecessary sacrifices
Of the greedy gods,
Once a god, once a man,
Always a mystery,
You who sailed away into the west
And one day promised to return,
Lord of good judgment
Who is always fair,
Brighten our minds
With thoughts that dance and run
And finally leave the earth
And fly.

(All partake in a drum circle, after which the chocolate is passed around and shared.)


[Pagan Book of Hours]