The Witches Magick for November 7th – Balloon Magick

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Abracadabra, Zoom!

By Melanie Marquis

If something in your life is moving more slowly than you’d like, balloon magick can bust through the sluggishness fast. Powered by air, the element of swiftness and motion, balloons can impart a burst of speed to any situation. Here’s how. Hold a balloon in your hands and envision the situation you would like to hurry along. State clearly your desire to speed things up. Slowly blow into the balloon, inflating it as you see in your ind the circumstances you want to occur playing out in fast forward, visualizing the steps toward your goal being reached in rapid succession. When the balloon is fully inflated, envision a very clear image of the end result your are hoping to quickly achieve. Release your hold on the balloon’s end, letting your magick zoom off with it as the air rushes out, imparting an energy of fast-moving action to your spell.