Daily Cosmic Calendar for October 7

The next four days are no cake-walk since many celestial alignments can produce shock waves and unsettled conditions throughout humanity. Today seems to start rather peacefully as Mars makes a subtle and yet constructive, 30-degree rapport with often arch-enemy Saturn (2:31AM PDT) while the Moon in Cancer makes a supportive, nurturing 60-degree link to Venus in Virgo (3:30AM PDT). It also helps that the Moon trines Chiron (5:10AM PDT) — encouraging learning more about holistic healing and alternative medical advances.  However, the cosmic scene begins changing drastically when Juno squares Chiron (11:47AM PDT), Mars in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces (7:11PM PDT) while Venus opposes Chiron (8:05PM PDT), and then Venus squares Juno (11:07PM PDT). This represents not just four separate celestial alignments, but a potentially very confusing and chaotic Mars-Neptune 90-degree face-off as well as a T-Square type triangle of dubious merit where Venus is in polarity to Chiron and Juno is 90-degrees to both Venus and Chiron. In addition, Mars will move closer and closer to Juno in Sagittarius over the next 13 days until they finally merge early on October 20.  The net result of all this planetary mischief-making is to stir up soap-opera like conditions throughout society and add a lot of anxiety to everyday human emotions and interactions. Friends, lovers as well as business associates need to be on guard not to let negative energy overwhelm their usually stable relationships.