The Wicca Book Of Days for March 29th – Mesopotamian Deities

The Wicca Book of Days for March 29th

Mesopotamian Deities

The story of the Goddess Ishtar (or Inanna) and Tammuz (or Dumuzi) was at the forefront of the people of Mesopotamia’s minds at this time of year, for the Spring Equinox was said to have marked the resurrection of Tammuz (and Nature), and to have reunited the lovers on Earth following his ascent from the underworld, Ishtar, the deity of the Morning and Evening Star (the planet, Venus), was the pre-eminent Goddess of the Mesopotamian Pantheon, which included Anu, the Sky God, Ea, or Oannes, the Sea God, Sin, the Moon God Shamash, the Sun God, and Marduk, the Babylonian National God whom the Assyrians replaced with their own God, Ashur.

Take the Lead

Because March 29th falls during the time of Aries, its polarity is masculine, active, or positive, which means that this would be an auspicious day on which to assert yourself, take decisive action, or be pioneering in some way.