The Wicca Book of Days for March 26th – The Fiery Personality

The Wicca Book of Days for March 26th

The Fiery Personality

March 26th is an Arien day, which means that the element that dominates it, according to astrological belief, is Fire. Like the other three elements, Fire is said to have a profound effect on the personality, fiery people being characterized as warm-hearted and passionate, creative and experimental, attention-seeking and exuberant, but also headstrong, fiery, domineering and destructive if they become carried away. According to Jungian theory, Fire is also associated with the intuitive personality type, which means that fire-influenced individuals tend to rely on their gut instincts, rather than rational evaluation, when it comes to gaining insight into a situation or deciding on a course of action.


Solitude Day

Many Wiccans observe Solitude Day today. If you can, take some time to yourself, be it for quiet contemplation, meditation or a healing respite from the demands of everyday life.