Hello World! It’s Wednesday Again! Wishing You A Very Wondrous Day, dear friends!

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Good morning/afternoon, dear ones! I hope you are having a fantastic day so far. I am in a very good mood today! Spring is in the Air, It is a Beautiful Day and this idiot with a blocked phone number keeps calling, lol! I keep answering it and the connection is so bad you can’t hear anything at all. Most of the time, I don’t answer blocked phone numbers. I use to get a lot of breathers that had blocked phone numbers and that will definitely quit making you answer the phone. I never figured out what the joy was in calling someone and breathing anyway. I wasn’t for sure if I was supposed to get something out of it or the person breathing was. So to sit matters straight, I put a small hex on the breather and now no more breather, lmao! I don’t know if the poor person swallowed their tongue or not and I really don’t care. But I have more important things to do than answer the phone and hear that crap. My husband has always said it was my fault because I leave the blinds up at night sometimes. But heck, I live out in the boonies. Who is going to be looking in, the bears? If these bears know how to use the phone, I am moving, lol! That’s it, period! No more boonies for me, lol! See I told you I was in a good mood.

I hope you all have a fabulous day and remember it is only two more days to the weekend!

Love ya,

Lady A