March 18 – Daily Feast

March 18 – Daily Feast

Other people have so much happen in their lives before we get to know them that we don’t always know how to meet their needs. If they have been hurt, they may box themselves in and our reach is not long enough. But we cannot go back and make up for what someone else has done. All of us have come to the present with some memory, some experience, that has affected us negatively. It would be hard to live in a world of hurt and not be touched by it. But the Cherokee knows that change can take place suddenly to heal life. A Seneca chief had been sick a long time, but he was visited in his dreams by three supernatural beings sent by the Great Spirit, and rose up cured to teach the good message given him by the Master of Life. His people thrived and flourished and developed gifts. So can we. When we seek we find. And it may be by helping others.

~ We were a lawless people, but we were on pretty good terms with the Great Spirit. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler


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  1. We can not change what happened in the past, our mistakes, our bad decisions, but we can live from out mistakes and seek a new life for ourselves through what we believe is right and what makes us what we are.


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