Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for March 15th

Rushing out of the starting gate this morning is not advised as the Moon in Sagittarius is void from 12:35AM PDT to 3:25AM PDT. If you are awake and active during this void-of-course time-period, finish odd jobs or old business with a flourish, but leave new, bold plans for the Moon’s entry into earthy Capricorn (3:25AM PDT). The key to success while the Moon is in the tenth sign of the zodiac is to keep working hard to reach career milestones. Take advantage of every opportunity in your climb to the executive penthouse. The evening hours are particularly intense as the Moon trines Mars (7:19PM PDT) – followed by the monthly Moon-Pluto union in Capricorn (8:01PM PDT). Add on an off-kilter, 150-degree link from Vesta to Mars (7:59PM PDT) and you can see why this combination might wreak havoc on the investment and business front. Don’t take anyone for granted or pursue a reckless financial course. Say no to acts of manipulation and egocentric control. Insights can arrive an hour later when the Moon forms a flowing trine to benevolent Jupiter (9:01PM PDT).