Precious Pup of the Day for March 15th

Freya, the Dog of the Day
Name: Freya
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female Breed: American Eskimo Dog
Home: Valley Stream, New York, USA
I was mourning the loss of my dog (an American Eskimo – fourteen years old) for two weeks six year ago, when my friends bought me a three-month-old dog, Freya. She is so good with me and stays by my side all day. I am home every day because of my disability. She helps me to get through the days. I love her.

Freya is extremely affectionate. When I don’t feel well, she sense it and will curl up next to me and stroke me with her paw. She is so intuitive. I have problems with my legs and she will lay next to me and lick my legs. When she is happy to see someone she doesn’t bark she “croons” in such a way to say “I’m happy to see you!” Freya isn’t much of a trick girl. She is all about family. She loves to push her toys across the floor with her nose and then pops it in the air with her nose. She makes us smile every day!