Special Kitty of the Day for March 10th

Zazou, the Cat of the Day
Name: Zazou
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tuxedo Longhair
Home: Belgium
This is our beauty, our tuxie Zazou!! Two years after we got out cat Inka, we realized that our house and our hearts were big enough for another cat!

We went to a cat shelter where we found Zazou! She was not beautiful at all then, since she had just had kittens, was malnourished and covered with fleas. The shelter owner told us she had been delivered to the door of the shelter in a closed icebox, together with her kittens. Luckily the dog of the house heard this, or every cat in the box would have died! Zazou, sadly, was the only survivor.

We chose her because as soon I sat down on a chair which stood in the middle of the cat place, she jumped on my lap and started purring! I have no idea how we came on her name, it just popped in our mind and we loved it right away! Zazou is a very sweet and friendly cat! She gets along with all three other cats we have! At first she was allowed to play in the garden, just her sisters. But we saw she always ran right to our backyard neighbor’s, and would go in the stables. That neighbor is a mean man, because once, even after more than a week, he never told us he had locked up our cat in there. Only after he accused her of damaging the oldtimer cars which were also there, did he call us to come and get her. After this scenario happened twice, we didn’t allow her outside anymore for her own safety. Together with our Snoopy she is now a happy indoor cat.

Zazou loves wet food and loves playing with little fake fur mice; but she is sooo lazy! She wants the mice to come to her instead of chasing them! She is very shy towards others, especially loud people, but once she trusts you, she is the sweetest cat you’ll ever know!