Magickal Ideas for Your Ostara Sabbat Ritual

Magickal Ideas for Your Ostara Sabbat Ritual


*Color and empower Oestre eggs for health, wealth and prosperity.


*Celebrate the return of the Goddess by conjuring potted plants and giving them to friends and loved ones.


*Incorporate chocolate into your Ostara ritual.


* Review the items in your magickal cabinet or box and replace what is needed. Empower the supplies during the Ostara ritual.


*Bless seeds for the garden.


*Hold your ritual at dawn.


*Ostara (spring equinox) is solar driven. The sun moves from mutable, watery Pisces to cardinal, fiery Aries. Aries is a great “starter” sign, but it manages to poop out along the way. Any magick done while the sun or moon is in Aries should be supplemented with other workings later on.