The Wicca Book of Days for March 7 – Junonalia

The Wicca Book of Days for March 7


The Junonalia, a festival dedicated to Juno, was observed to Rome on this day in ancient times. Juno(whose Greek counterpart was Hera) was the wife of the chief god Jupiter(Zeus). She was the “First Lady” and “Queen of the Heaven” of the Roman pantheon and was regarded as the divine patron of married women and mothers. During the Junonalia, two images of the goddess carved from cypress wood were carried through the streets of Rome to the temple of Juno, where they were then left. The Junonalia had particular significance, for married women, but Juno Martialis (“Juno of March”) was also honored more generally on this day.

Fabulous Feathers

The peacock is the primary symbol of Juno, an association that is partly explained by the stately majesty of both, purify by peacock plumage’s similarity to the starry “vault” of the sky and partly due to a myth involving the hundred-eyed Argus