Kozy Kitten of the Day for March 5th

Cookie, the Cat of the Day
Name: Cookie
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic shorthair
Home: Newnan, Georgia, USA
About three and a half years ago, a small, kinda rough-looking little Tuxedo cat appeared in my neighborhood- my roommate and I named her Sophie. Sophie was almost completely feral, wouldn’t let people get near her, but she was very appreciative of the food and fresh water we put out. And, in due course, around late March 2008, Sophie produced a litter of two tiny kittens – a larger black-and-white guy whom you see here, by the name of Cookie, and a much tinier little girl-cat sister, all black except for two

white spots on her chest, whom we named Mookie.

Cookie, even outside as a ‘feral’ kitten, was a sweetheart, you could tell. His Mom would be showing him how to stalk something and he’d lose it in mid-stalk, just get too carried away with being a kitten, and start rolling around on the lawn, while Sophie glared at him. And when we caught him and his little sister, they got nothing but sweeter. (Incidentally, Sophie and all her other kittens, as well as most of her boyfriends, were alleventually caught, fixed, vaccinated and found loving homes.)

Mookie has stayed a petite little girl-kitten, over the last three years- but Cookie grew! Cookie is now a very handsome eighteen-pounder of a tomcat, a big huge bundle of love- his mostly-symmetrical markings make him very handsome, and the crowning touch is the tiny black spot on his white nose and a tiny white firefly tip on his black tail. He’s still a totally friendly, affectionate guy, for being born “feral”- in fact he’s purring in my lap as I write this. We’re very glad Cookie allowed himself to be captured and ‘domesticated’- and he survived the relocation to Georgia from New Jersey without incident. He’s still buds with all the rest of the members of the Pride. One photo shows him sharing a window-seat with Birdie, another, presumably-unrelated feral tuxedo-cat we caught. We hope he stays with us for many, many years to come.

He and I have “cuddle time” every morning when I check Cat of the Day and other sites- he curls in my lap and purrs and kneads and nuzzles- it’s a daily ritual. We’ve always thought he was especially handsome, and really ought to be in commercials or something – he’s smart enough to train, and he’s a beautiful boy, to be sure.

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