On a very serious note……

I was getting ready to put the information on for this month’s gemstone. I stopped and started reading some of the comments in the back. I received one comment that I had been expecting. I knew the moment that I got it I needed to explain myself right then and there.


The comment concerned some of the material that I had recently put on the blog. It was in regards to the Dark Arts’ Spells, Curses & Hexes. I had debated and thought long and hard about putting this material on the blog. The comment also mentioned I might lose valuable readers due to this material. I also thought about that. These concerns and issues are not new to me. I have faced them before in the group that I had on MSN.  Really I had two groups. One was The WOTC and the other was The WOTC’s Dark Arts Library. I couldn’t get anyone to run the Library the way I wanted it to be run so I ended up merging the two groups together. The WOTC had basically all white witches in it. The Library had a mixture of different Craft & Occult individuals in it. I made an announcement in both groups that I would be merging the two groups together. Well as you can imagine I caught some pretty heavy heat over this matter (mostly from the white witches). I told them how I was going to set it up. That in the group it would be clearly labeled “The Dark Arts’ Library.” That way the ones that were interested could go to that section and those that weren’t could avoid it like the plague. Well that still didn’t make them happy. There was no way in making these people happy it seemed. I finally said the groups are merging and that’s it. “Now before you pack your bags, would you like to hear me out?” The group got silent.
My viewpoint on the Dark Arts’, curses & hexes is very simple. I believe every individual that practice The Craft and calls themself a Witch should be well-rounded. I mean you, as a Witch, should know every aspect of magick there is. Whether it be a healing spell or a hex to keep your nosey neighbor off your property. All magick should be studied where it can be identified. We all know the Dark Arts exist, we all know curses and hexes exist. Why not studying them and learn what they are about. Why not studying them were we can protect ourselves against them? If you never see a Dark Arts’ spell or a curse, how do you know one? Every Witch should study every area of magick. It is for her/his own good. When you get right down to it, the intent of the practitioner makes the spell good or bad. I know the wording in some of the curses and hexes are horrible but you must have the intent to put it all in motion. Remember the magick is inside you. You master that magick, you learn to control it. It is by your will that the spell is casted, it is by the intent you put behind that spell that makes it good or bad. This is all just basic Witchcraft. I put the Dark Arts’ Spells, curses and hexes on the blog, so every Witch that reads them will recognize them and learn to defend against them. If I gave you only the white side of magick, I would be giving you only half the story. I would not be doing my job at all. In fact, I should be taken out and horse-whipped if I didn’t give you the whole story. There are people out that that practice the Dark Arts. Wouldn’t you rather see those spells here, where they are harmless. Or would you rather have one casted at you and you not know what the heck to do? You never seen a Dark Arts spell, you don’t know what has been casted against you. Nor have you had the opportunity to figure out how to counter one. I hope you are beginning to see my point.
Witchcraft is nothing to play at nor should it ever be. The Craft is a very serious Religion. If practiced correctly, it is a very beautiful Religion and a fantastic Path to follow. But there are many aspects to it also. If you are going to practice The Craft and be a Witch, you need to know every little aspect there is to it. You need to read every piece of material you can get your hands on. You need to make sure the information is correct. That is one reason I started my group. I looked around and saw what kind of information there was about Witchcraft. None of it was correct and most of it was fly by night Witchcraft (pardon the pun). But none of it was serious. All I saw was Love spells. I saw a very important need in the community and myself and others tried to provide a site with accurate and correct information. A site that included everything a Witch needed to know to become well-rounded. I have alway felt that an individual that decides to follow The Craft needs to know everything they can know about it. Every little detail, no matter how small.
I hope you have a better understanding as to why the Dark Arts’ spells, curses and hexes are on the blog. I hope you understand my beliefs. I hope you understand that to become a well-rounded Witch you need to know everything you can learn. We all know there is a Dark side even though we don’t practice it. But we do need to see these spells and know they exist. Like I said earlier, it is better to see them in this environment than to have one casted against. Cause believe me, there are people out there that will do it.


I know I have said a mouthful tonight and I didn’t mean too. If you have an opinion on this matter and would like to discuss it, let me know. If you would like to see the material removed, let me know. I want to hear from you. I want to know what you think. Don’t never just pack up and leave, let me know what the problem is. There is always a resolution we can come to.
Now I will say goodnight to you all……
Beautiful dreams,
Lady A

6 thoughts on “On a very serious note……

  1. Thank you, You are correct of course. I was very carefully taught, a long time ago, that ” In order to ‘cure’, you must understand how the damage was done; otherwise you are just putting on band-aids and providing comfort.” Good intentions and good energy alone is not enough. In simple layman’s terms – words alone will not ‘cure’ a boil, it has to be lanced and drained and that hurts! Then you add the compress and antibiotics.

    Magick like the Athame, cuts both ways. Handle both with care and knowledge of the ‘edges’.


    1. Thank you, Morgana. I appreciate your response, sweetie. I especially love the last paragraph. You have expressed Magick in a way I have never thought of. It is so very true. Thank you!


  2. I did not find the blog article offensive, scary, or otherwise.
    Over the years, I’ve felt when all else failed, taking what one would consider the “dark road” is necessary, but only after considering the full impact (i.e. the wide screen) and being sure the end result is for the good of all concerned. One must be careful and believe that using “dark” withcraft or magic is to “make the situation better” instead of wishing evil thoughts against another. Might be hard, but as long as the basis is as one great Avatar said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, the spell should be alright with the Goddess and God.


    1. Good afternoon Stephanie,
      It is wonderful to hear from you, sweetie. I hope you are doing fine today. I was wondering how this post would go over. More important, I was concerned when I put the material in question on the blog. I can totally understand what you are taking about and I appreciate you making this point. It is a great point to make because I don’t believe people stop to think about “dark” spells that way. That in some cases, they have to be used and you have to consider if the end result is for the good of all.

      I am so glad you didn’t find the material offensive. Like I said I thought long and hard before I put the material on here. Then I worried what others would think. I appreciate your input and it eases my mind to know your opinion.

      Thank you again, Stephanie.

      Luv & Hugs,
      Lady A


  3. brava! I am Left-Hand Path because that is the way I lean but that does not mean I don’t have a “right hand”! I am not a mean cruel witch who eats children–I have my causes I foster and I care about people and animals and this planet! But I am not afraid of the dark and my spiritual path took a turn for balance after being lopsidedly loaded most of my life. I wish everything could always be Love-Light&Lollipops, but it can’t. And it isn’t. And I have to take responsibility for my own and the ones under my care, and that means sometimes walking in the Shadows with a Weapon.


    1. RavynG, no, I should applaud you. It is great to have you chime in on this subject. I know there are other individuals that travel this Path and visit the blog. I wish they would respond also.

      I have had and still do have several friends that travel the Left-Handed Path. They are wonderful people and wonderful friends. They are not cruel, mean witches and they have no taste for babies, lol! No one could ever tell they leaned to the Left, if they didn’t know it. You all are just like everyone else.

      I totally agree with your statement about arming yourself with a weapon. Everyone needs to know how to defend themself whether they use it or not. In my book knowledge is power. The more knowledge you can obtain in Witchcraft, the more powerful you are. I also believe knowing everything about the Craft also gives you an edge. And you never know, you might use the knowledge and you might not. But at least you have it.

      RavynG, thank you again for your post. I would love to hear from you again. Till then…..

      Blessings, Peace & Comfort,
      Lady A


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