So Your Magic Has Failed You

So Your Magic Has Failed You

Author: Iritar

So you find yourself in a position where things did not turn out as you had hoped. You’ve lost your house, your spouse, and your sanity to whatever situations have occurred in your life. Your spells and energy work seemed to have failed.

Hope has always been recognized as a great virtue that you can have to endure travesty. Faith is in essence a measure of your capacity to Hope. Faith is the belief in what is not seen.

But with magic, hope is different. Hope can be self-defeating because it indicates that you expect the best, but acknowledge the possibility that something could go wrong.

Knowing is what is needed when performing magic. You must “know” that the magic will work. Knowing is greater measure of faith because it doesn’t acknowledge the possibility of failure.

If you do not know that your magic will work and your hope fails you, do now allow yourself to be discouraged. We learn more from our failures than our successes.


The first key is to overcoming this defeat is to identify what caused the failure. Did you half heartily go through the motions of your ritual or spell? Did you charge your herbs, anoint your candles or focus your intent and desires into your spell components? When you performed your incantations, did you do it from a disposition of weakness or with empowerment? Were you feeling healthy and able to clearly visualize the energy within and around you? Did you use proper protection by casting a circle or call the corners for divine aid? Did your spell work infringe upon another person’s free will or did you request a dramatic change that would have disrupted the natural order of the Universe?

Sometimes, our intent and desires can be lofty. For instance, I’ve seen circles gather and collaborate with their groves and all pagans independent or not to unite and cast spells for world peace. Truly, this is a noble endeavor, but if world peace were to actually be achieved, this would upset the natural order of things because we would eliminate many obstacles for millions, if not billions of people that would otherwise serve as life lessons to help them to grow spiritual and emotionally. It is our struggles that make us strong. Nevertheless, continue to seek this World Peace because I believe that when the time is ready, this can be achieved when we stop looking at our differences as the human race and focus on what we have in common. Perhaps I’m a dreamer, but I know that this is all happening for a reason that will build to a world scale boost in enlightenment.

The next step is to identify what elements in your life may be hindering your personal power and your ability to connect to divinity or Spirit. Were you ill or exhausted during this time? Were you facing emotional distress that served as a distraction?

All is not lost however. As pagans, we can go beyond ourselves to find the magical aid we need to break through these barriers. We have an arsenal of tools and resources at our disposal. One merely has to walk into a natural area and natural tools to help aid your work will surround you.

For instance, you can grab a stick lying on the ground from an oak or ash tree that can serve as a wand. In desperate times of need, you can bypass the prompt and circumstance of dedicating this tool as a wand. Simply request that nature itself imbue this plain stick into a wand to focus and direct your personal energy. There are herbs that can also help you increase your awareness, heal your body and aid your purposes.

Get back to the basics. Look to herbalism for the answers. Nature gives each and every herb and mineral a natural vibration that can be used for specific purposes.

If you are suffering from ill luck, you can gather or purchase a Buck Eye and carry it with you. You can take a magnet and wrap a $1 bill around it with some rice and sesame seeds and place them in a plastic baggie and carry it on you as a makeshift sachet.

You can use plain salt or preferably sea salt and use this in a bath for purification and cleansing. I can remember having only a shower at one time and I would pour plain table salt on the top of my head before washing my hair and asking the Goddess to cleanse negativity from me and to protect me. The water from the shower would carry the salt all the way down my body and cleanse my energy as it went.

Red clover gather on the roadside in many areas can serve as a protective herb or draw fortune your way. Finding some honeysuckle and hanging it around your home serves to draw protection and healing to your home. A branch of green pine hung over your bed can drive away sickness and illness.

Arm yourself with what nature itself has provided us. I always recommend Italian Seasoning to those in a pinch to make sachets with it because it contains Rosemary, Thyme, Basil and other herbs with natural protective properties.

Break through the barriers that are holding back your magical power. Do an assessment of yourself to determine if your intentions are noble and abide by the natural order of things.

Continue to study, speak with your elders and if need be ask them to aid you in your work. Stop this notion that this is your fate or destiny and that things are out of your control. Magic is the stuff of creation and you can manifest real change within your life.

Take walks in nature, even local parks and feel the life teaming around you. Feel the wind on your face and understand the sheer power of our Mother as she caresses us with her bountiful kisses. Listen to the singing and harmony of the birds as they speak with one another and soar through the trees. Feel the life coming from the elder trees and the new saplings as they work towards making their place within the world. See the natural balance of harmony that exists within nature and allow all your doubts and worries fall away and negate themselves within the bosom of the Earth, just as the power of lightning is negated and canceled out by the ground, so shall your worries and doubts.

Everything has its time and in time, these setbacks will be behind you and you will gain lessons and insights into your own spirituality and truly discover yourself. Do not be discouraged. Stand strong!

Most importantly, stop thinking, believing, and hoping that your magic will work. KNOW IT!