Daily Cosmic Calendar for December 4th

Daily Cosmic Calendar

In case you weren’t reading this calendar during Thanksgiving week, Mercury in Sagittarius began a three-week retrograde cycle on November 23. Mercury will shift forward on December 13, but early this morning (12:53AM PST), the Sun, Mercury retrograde and the Earth create – what is called in astronomical circles – a Sun-Moon Inferior Conjunction at 12-degrees of Sagittarius. At this time, Mercury is in between the Sun and the Earth while all three celestial bodies are actually lined-up in the solar system. Cosmic seed ideas are being released into humanity in order that eager and curious human minds can receive and absorb them. Think of this line-up as a New Mercury that will reach its crescendo on February 7, 2012 when the Sun, Earth and Mercury align again, but with a Full Mercury type configuration – coincidentally on the day of a Full Moon and when Saturn stops and begins a retrograde cycle for several months. Just after this morning’s Sun-Mercury connection, Mercury teams up with Vesta via an inspiring, 72-degree rapport (2:42AM PST) – offering you another chance to cash in on an investment bonanza. As the day unfolds, tensions outweigh mellow vibes since Mercury moves 45-degrees to Saturn (1:52PM PST), Mercury squares Mars (3:20PM PST), the Moon parallels Mars (8:40PM PST), and Mars forms a dicey, 45-degree connection to Saturn (10:07PM PST). Ouch! If it weren’t for the favorable energy-fields arriving during a Moon-Mercury trine (4:01PM PST) and Moon-Sun trine (7:21PM PST), both in fire signs, the accumulating power of the tense aspects would be a kin to a runaway train carrying chemicals ready to explode. Know what you are doing and where you are going.