Wishing You A Very Happy & Blessed Wednesday, dear friends!

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I will make this quick and painless as possible, lol! I wanted to let you know that we have started our Sponsor Program. The holidays are coming and our money is tight, really tight. This is why we have opened the Sponorship Program. I know everyone’s money at this time of the year is tight and with the economy the way it is, money is tight everywhere. But you don’t have to donate a huge amount. You would be amazed at how a $1 or $2 quickly adds up. 


Our most important concern right now is paying our Server bill. We want to stay on the internet and continue the Goddess’ work. Right now (knock on wood) everything is going great. The truth about our Religion is spreading and we are attracting interested and curious individuals to the blog. The word about the blog is spreading, as it spreads so does the truth. We don’t want to have to stop everything in midstream. We and this includes you too, have accomplished too much to stop now. So we need your help! 


This Yule Season as you are giving gifts, please remember the WOTC. It doesn’t have to be a huge donation, any amount will help out. Also as a tokn of our appreciation, you will receive a hand-made gift from Lady A. We believe one good turn deserves another that is why we are sending our Sponsors tokens of our affection and gratitude. A Sponsors’ list is up and we have our first sponsor, Miss Stephanie Keys (thank you so much). We hope we will be adding to this list. Remember we need your help and any amount will be greatly appreciated.  




Wednesday, the day of Woden, whose name is also pronounced Odin, a Norse God of poetry, resourcefulness and all things mystical. Attune with these energies this day and you find Odin’s power will be with you. Other correspondences for Wednesday are: 


Ruling Planet: Mercury 


Rituals: Career 


Element: Air 


Colour: Orange 


Number: 0  


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