Are You Wicked Enough? Exploring the Archetype of the Wicked Witch…

Are You Wicked Enough? Exploring the Archetype of the Wicked Witch…

Author: Gray Lady

The Wicked Witch is a main stay of the word “Witchcraft” whether anyone likes it or not. We see her as the commercialized Halloween Witch and the nasty witch in the Wizard of Oz. Many of us practicing witches have attempted to throw out the ugly green-faced hag to embrace a more realistic and pleasing vision of our religion. But is really what we should do?

The Wicked Witch is a powerful archetype of unrestrained women power. She is a dark and ugly, self-serving loner who cackles at the misfortunes of others. She wields the power of the dark side of nature and can be seen at the end of every story flying off on her own high above the world of others. She has few mundane concerns other than eating local children and enslaving others.

Upon examining her taboo past-times, we can find our own power hiding within…

She is always a loner. How often do you see a coven of “Wicked Witches”? She doesn’t have a best friend to spend her time with. She has no one to judge her and no one to question her.

She is always dark and ugly. She is never surrounded by light. She chooses to be in the dark. Does she choose to be ugly? Who Cares?

Because she certainly does not.

Her looks and cosmetics are trivial. She always has a wart because why bother getting it removed? Concerns for looks are social concerns to gain status and acceptance.

The wicked witch needs neither. She is her own acceptance and her status is outside of normal society.

She is always self-serving. If you showed up on her doorstep starving, she would ask, “what can you do for me?” If you tried to reason with higher ethics or the charity of a deity like Jesus, she’d tell you to go ask Jesus for food. She already knows she’s “damned” and cares nothing for ethics.

We cringe at her archetype because her eyes always ask the same question: “What is it you really want?” Morals and ethics aside, if you could have anything… what is it?

Somewhere in her cauldron is the way to get anything, but in her humble life is the answer. We cringe because we know that in self-knowledge comes the answer that everything you have worked for is not what you really wanted all along.

She knows that if you really achieved all your mundane goals, you wouldn’t really be happy. So when anyone comes knocking on her door looking for favors, she knows that no favor is going to cure the world or your life… so for a petty quick fix for your pathetic life, what is it that she gets out of it?

She finds humor in others’ suffering. She is always seen cackling at the conundrums that people get themselves into. She has given up pity for other people running the rat race. They are to her … entertainment.

She has great knowledge of animals and spirits within the dark side of nature. Whether it’s their magickal qualities or where to find them in the forest, she always knows. She lives side by side with the darker animals.

Animals always surround the hollow in the woods. The cat and the owl are her familiars. She doesn’t “command” them because they do what they do for her willingly.

She has few mundane concerns. She never starves to death. Does the Wicked Witch ever ask for a mansion? A new wardrobe? Does she go to the doctor? Her concerns are in the realm of the spirit, far beyond the material focuses community she lives in.

She is always flying high above and journeying on her own. She has her own agenda and vacation plans that no one else ever understands. Her personal activities are not meant to be understood because your approval of her plans is unnecessary and unsolicited.

She eats children. Although highly overrated, it’s not the child of flesh that she eats, but the child of innocence. It’s a perfect world where children roam free, hold hands, and sing songs. Everyone stands in line to play on the playground and the snacks are always divided evenly. But then we grow up and realize that our snacks are not even.

“Fair” and “right” are spiritual ideals. We innocently hold on to the hope that there will someday be peace in the Middle East as we flip-off people on the high way and curse behind our neighbor’s back. The Wicked Witch eats our childlike view of the world and scoffs at our ideas of fairness and peace. She burst our bubble by throwing realistic pessimism in our face.

Our “treats” will NEVER be divided evenly and someone will always suffer… Get over it.

She enslaves others. Her ability to enslave others is her scariest quality. As lay people, we are scared by her entrapment because those who seek her are willingly enslaved and become stuck. She never chains them down and they could run away at anytime… but they never do. Somehow, they are bewitched by the thought that she may provide for them.

They never realize that you cannot achieve the magick that you seek within from someone else. But what makes her so wicked is that she allows them to be enslaved by their own greed. That’s their concern, not hers.

Plastered in the Christmas commercialism is the jolly belly of the Holly King smiling back from the outside of a McDonald’s cup, knowing that he is resurrected each year in the cyclical wheel of Holidays.

His older sister, the wicked witch, sticks her head out every year and laughs at the millions of Halloween costumes that mock or hide the darker side of human nature. She is still around because of the power she wields.

No one knows her name, but they all seem to take comfort in believing that she is different than them… except for the few people who feel her power in their blood. They are the people who don’t “sympathize” with her, but see and feel her as a guide, a challenge, and a threshold guardian.

I now realize my own pull toward her wisdom. I now understand that every time I’ve wanted “Wicked Witch” paraphernalia, what I wanted was to “be” her, to feel her power.

Every time I see her face cartooned on Halloween decorations, she asked the same question:

“Are you wicked enough to find out what you really want in life?”

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