Dog-Gone Doggie of the Day for November 29th

Cheeney, the Dog of the Day
Name: Cheeney
Age: Fifteen months old
Gender: Male Breed: Chihuahua, Dachshund mix
Home: Florida Panhandle, USA
I thought maybe I wanted a dog after my son moved away leaving me and the two cats alone in the house, and someone came knocking on the door in the middle of the night scaring me out of my sleep. I arranged for a week off work and thought it would be the perfect time to get a dog… if I got a dog. A week before that, I visited the animal shelter where I walked one small perfect dog. I thought I should look at other dogs just to be fair and picked out a beautiful little long-legged dog that paid me no attention. The shelter lady said she wanted me to see this one other dog. She brought him in, soon he was in my lap and that’s how I got a dog a week before I planned to. He is what we call a Chiweenie (chihuahua dachshund mix).

Cheeney cuddles all the time. He pushes up against me when we sit on the sofa or he puts his head on my leg. If I’m in a chair with no room for him, he stays by my feet. He gets along well with the cats as you can see. He began by chasing my girl cat but she quickly learned that she could take refuge behind a chair then jump out at him and chase him back. Cheeney is smaller than either of the cats.

Cheeney and his mom were given up by people who felt they didn’t have time for them. The mom, a purebred dog, was taken by a no kill shelter. Both dogs were eaten up by fleas when they came in and Cheeney lost a lot of hair. It grew back coarse and grey so he has a sort of white stripe down his back. When I got him a lot of hair was still missing on his tail and I thought he was chewing it off but it all came back nicely.

Before putting him up for adoption, the shelter vet performed some necessary minor surgery on him. He had been at the shelter almost two months when I found him.

Cheeney is not perfect. He’s not quite housebroken. He doesn’t think his paws should get wet and he has to be coaxed outside during or after a rain… unless he hears the neighbors’ dog barking, then wet grass means nothing. But he doesn’t chew up things he shouldn’t; he tries to please; he plays fetch by chasing a toy and bring it back to the sofa for me; he barks when he thinks there’s a good reason. I wouldn’t have waited so long to get a dog if I’d known what great companions they can be. is where I got Cheeney. I’ve had him about three months. The other dogs I looked at have since been adopted, too.

Cheeney, the Dog of the Day
Cheeney, the Dog of the Day