You Will Need: One or more candle(s) of the color you want your eyes to be, a pentacle
Light the candle(s) and sit in front of it.
Clear your mind and chant three or more times
“1 2 3 change for me, 1 2 3 (current color)
to (color you want your eyes to be)”
Once again, clear your mind and chant three or more times
“By the power of three, Let it be seen”
The more candles you use the better the spell will work.

2 thoughts on “EYE GLAMOUR SPELL

    1. Good Morning Catilin,
      It is good to hear from you but I wish it was under better circumstances. Even the best of spells don’t work at times. Why? Who knows! This one is similiar to one I did when I was very young. It was a past life regression with candles. The reason the two are similiar is because they both require strict visualization skills. Your mind has to be absolutely clear of thought. You cannot be thinking of anything but the task at hand. My mind goes ninety-to-nothing at times and I have a hard time visualizing and meditating even now. I just have to tell myself to clear my mind and darn it, I am going to meditate/visualize.

      But just because a spell doesn’t work the first time is no reason to quit trying. I would like to give you a piece of advice. Before you try this spell again, do some meditating each day. I would like for you to meditate in the morning and evening. Not for long, just for five minutes. Meditate for about a week and then give the spell a try again. By meditating, you will have better mind control the next time you try the spell.

      Like I said earlier, hun, even the best of spells don’t work at times. Heck, we don’t know why but they don’t. Just keep trying and never give up. You can’t never tell perhaps the spell wasn’t meant to work on that day. That is another thing, did you check to see what the best day to do the spell was? But try the meditation, check to see what the best day to do the spell is and let me know what happens then.

      I will be glad to assist you anyway possible. Good luck, sweetie.
      Luv & Hugs,
      Lady A


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