When I Was A Christian Wiccan

When I Was A Christian Wiccan

Author: Priest Christopher Aldridge
I became Pagan at age 22, but at the time I had no knowledge or interest in magick, I was just a worshipper of the Greek Gods. Later I got into Witchcraft and attended The Grey School of Wizardry to become a Wizard, later I became Wiccan. Being in love with the archangels, I saw no reason I could not combine Christianity and Wicca. Besides, the archangels are not of a religion, and I could see Jesus and Mary as God and Goddess. Witchvox even published an article I wrote a long time ago defending my faith.

Now I made good arguments backed up with factual information, and even though I could argue very well against opposition, I never felt completely right about being a Christian Wiccan. Something just told me that this belief system was opposing itself from opposite ends in many ways.

Now don’t get me wrong, working with the archangels as a Wiccan is not considered Christian Wicca. A good example would be the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, which calls on Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael.

However, having Christian influences such as Jesus as a God and Mary as a Goddess does make one more along the lines of a Christian Wiccan.

I eventually got into a huge YouTube debate over how valid the faith was, and I think there were good points made on both sides. But shortly after I decided to pull away from Wicca and continue on my previous path of Wizardry and Witchcraft, believing it would be more liberal and allow me to keep my Christian side in the sense that there was no established belief structure like in Wicca where you believe in things that are not compatible with Christianity. I knew that being a Wizard and practicing Witchcraft would allow me to have my own belief system.

And this did work for a while, but one day I had a complete change of faith. The Greek Gods returned and saved my life and the life of my friend one night. I did at first call on Jesus and Saint Michael to no avail. Something just told me to call on the Greek Gods, and glory to their names, they came. I feel that I am not permitted to give details at this time, but in that instant my Pagan faith was fully restored and I felt no need to be Christian at all anymore.

Ever since, I became once again a Greek Pagan, and I was no longer a Christian in my magickal practices. However, I did not return to Wicca, I stayed a Wizard. Now I do believe that it is possible for a Christian to practice Witchcraft and I do believe it is possible for a Wiccan to adopt the Christian Pantheon, but I know that I was a big Christian Wiccan and I did not fell totally right about it and I was changed.

Now if you’re a Christian Wiccan and you believe with all of your heart, mind and soul that you are 100% on the right path, then go for it, but seriously examine it and how you feel deeply. Christian Wiccans are a rare group, and I believe they are getting fewer and fewer. I believe you will find a Pagan path far more fulfilling and rewarding.

However, whatever you do, don’t change your path or beliefs because someone else said it was wrong or bashed you. Change because you feel you should and because it is best for you. If you change your beliefs every time someone disagrees, you won’t have any beliefs. But I will say as before that I feel more fulfilled as a Pagan again. It even helped me swallow my pride and let go of my masculine monotheistic nature.

Even if you go through your entire Christian Wiccan path without facing opposition or criticism, you will still probably find a conflict within yourself. Plus, you will be missing out on so many wonderful and magickal practices and beliefs in order to keep Christian Wicca from conflicting with the majority of Pagan Wiccan beliefs.

I just think that Christian Wicca provides a very limited and conflicting path within yourself at some point. Now sometimes it is good to take the road less traveled, but not when it is going to greatly limit your ability to prosper and grow.

I’ll give you an example. Almost if not all Wiccan practices with Magick involve invoking a Pagan God or spirit, not a Christian one. So you will find yourself isolated from the group, which will make it harder for you. Wiccan is by and large a Pagan religion, not a Christian one. Yes, Christianity draws almost all of its religion from Paganism, but Christianity also condemns them. And Christians dishonored many of the Pagan Gods.

However, if you still want to be a Christian Wiccan, then there are a few things I think you should follow.

1) Find a coven of Christian Wiccans (of which I don’t believe there are any) or be a solitary.

2) Stay true to your faith, but do not brag about it. It will eventually lead to a heated argument, especially if you are sensitive and serious about your path.

3) If you do attend public ritual, remember that you don’t have to announce your path. You are a Wiccan, so you can leave it at that.

4) Discard any ideas of sin, Hell and/or Satan, for Wiccans believe in none of those.

5) Always be extremely well informed and be ready to back up your faith with facts and logic.

6) Do not ever try to be a Wiccan with a Bible in your hand; it will not work.

7) Always consider the possibility of moving away from Wicca and into an open practice of Witchcraft or Wizardry or both. Remember, there is nothing that says a Witch or Wizard has to believe a certain way, but a Wiccan is within a belief structure.

8) Make sure that your path feels completely right. If you have portions of doubt, then examine their causes carefully.

9) Seek the council of highly experienced Wiccans, Witches or Wizards on the subject. I don’t think you need to fear ridicule from masters.

10) Set up your belief structure far beyond just the Christian Pantheon. Think of all the possible conflicts between Wicca and Christianity and give your beliefs as to why they are not conflicts.

I think that in the end it is about having a solid belief system. Remember, to be a Christian Wiccan is to be a very rare individual, and so you must know what you believe and why.

I think Christian Wicca is much easier for a solitary practitioner. Now I would never bash or ridicule someone for his/her sincerely held religious beliefs, but keep in mind that there are such people, and sometimes the best thing to do is ignore them.

I know from experience that neither of you will change the other, nor will it ever end until one of you gets tired of arguing. So be prepared to defend yourself, but do not look for an argument, and the best way to do that is to not brag and keep to yourself in humility.

Also remember that the number of Christians in the world is on the decline and the number of Wiccans and Pagans are on the rise, so Christianity is not this super popular club that everyone is dying to draw from.

If you feel a calling to Wicca, Witchcraft and/or Wizardry and Paganism, then go for it and consider the possibility that this could be your new religion. It may be time to leave Christianity in the past.

Blessed Be.

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  1. There was a time early in my Wiccan faith where I clung to some Christian ideals, for the sake of my family–it just felt like it was not as big of a stretch saying that I was a Wiccan, “but I still believe in God, mom!” I have moved beyond that (as well as Wicca) though, even as an adult it is sometimes hard to help people to understand WHY we make these changes/choices/transitions, but in the end all we can do is what feels right. No more, no less.

    Brightest Blessings,


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