Cleansing Stones Using Salt

In a small dish of salt, bury the stone you wish to cleanse and leave it for at least twenty-four hours. Depending on how deeply the stone requires cleansing or purification you might wish to leave it buried in the salt for up to a week. Be careful what kind of stone you’re burying: stones with a high iron content react poorly to salt. If the stone is set in metal, do not use this method, as the salt will corrode the metal setting.

If all you have on hand is table salt, it will do. However, if you’re serious about spellcraft, it’s a good idea to invest in sea salt, a more natural form of salt. The less refined the salt is, the more natural energy it contains. Sea salt is only a bit more expensive than table salt, and easily found in most supermarkets now, as well as drugstores or health food stores. Kosher salt is good, too. Never use rock salt designed for outdoor use in winter, as it is toxic.