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Native American Comments & Graphics

June 5

World Environment Day

Established in 1972, World Environment Day was created to increase our awareness of the planet. Themes include: what can be done to reduce pollution; how people can help ensure that Mother Nature’s greatest creatures are protected from extinction; and what can be done to restore natural resources. This is a great day to gather friends and family together to clean up a local park or roadside, followed by a “job well done” cookout out and picnic.


Daily Feng Shui Tip for June t

This ‘World Environment Day’ offers an opportunity to improve our external environments as a way of making the world a better place. Clearing the clutter is a big part of this, as is cleansing previous occupant energies by using incense smoke. According to Feng Shui, making your environment especially welcoming and supportive starts with cleaning dirt and grime. Look around your immediate space today, and with intention and conscious focus, cleanse something so it sparkles. Soon enough, so will your life. And when you add a twinkle to your life you’ll brighten up everyone else’s as well!

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