Whispering Woods Dragon Lore Course – Lesson Seven – A History of European Dragons

Whispering Woods Dragon Lore Course

Lesson Seven
A History of European Dragons

In the mythology of the western world, dragons were thought to abduct maidens, wreak havoc on the populace, steal gold and destroy villages. Unlike its counterpart in the East, Western dragons were seen as symbols of destruction and evil. This could be related to the un-due influence that the Christian invasion has had on the Western mind set where everything is seen as good versus evil.

Heraldic: The Heraldic is probably the most well known western Dragon. The Heraldic has dangerous fangs, four legs complete with claws, and a ridge of sharp spines that run from its head to its tail tip.

Guivre: The Guivre was both legless and wingless, and appeared somewhat serpent-like in appearance. Its head had horns and its jaw was bearded. It favored any location near water.

European: These types of dragons are found in the pages of early Greek, Roman, Norse, and medieval legends. They had wings, two or four legs, and depending on the type color can vary. They were believed to breathe fire. Sadly, many Europeans considered the dragon to be evil and malevolent, however, the Greeks held the idea of the Dragon as a Guardian Serpent.

Some examples of these dragons are:
Fafnir: A Norse dragon who was guardian of the treasure later known as the Nibelung hoard.

Hydra: Some argue that Hyrda was a dragon, others argue not. Hydra had several heads, the center one was said to be immortal. (When one of the hydra’s heads was cut off two grew in its place) It was said to haunt the marshes of Lerna near Argos. The destruction of the hydra was one of the twelve labors of Hercules.

Wyvern: The Wyvern was a feared Dragon of Britain, for the Europeans believed it to be evil and vicious. It had a coiling trunk that had a pair of birds-type legs which were tucked beneath its wings.

Tatzlwyrm: A winged, fire-breathing dragon.

Apocalyptic beast – (Biblical, Most likely Middle East). This is a creature mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. It has two horns, speaks like a dragon, and bears the mystical number of the devil.

Cecrops ~ {Greek} the mythical founder of Athens; first king of Attica; represented as half human, half dragon; credited with inventing writing and establishing marriage and burial customs. .

Draco (Greek). Draco is a constellation in the north containing the star of the north pole of the ecliptic. Legend states this constellation was named after the Athenian statesman and lawgiver Draco or Dracon.

Fafnir (Norse mythology) a dragon and guardian of the treasure later known as the Nibelung hoard.

Hydra (Greek mythology) A gigantic monster resembling a dragon with several heads (usually nine, though the number varies), the center one of which is immortal. It is said to haunt the marshes of Lerna near Argos.

The destruction of the hydra was one of the 12 labors of Hercules. When one of the hydra’s heads was cut off two grew in its place.

Leviathan (Bible, Job ix, 13 and Isa. xxvii, 1) A Hebrew name for a sea monster. It was also a dragon of turmoil which contested against God.

Tatzlwyrm (Germanic legend) it was said to be a winged, fire-breathing dragon monster.

Wyvern (U.K.) A winged, two-legged dragon with a barbed tail. The wyvern often appears on heraldic shields and symbolizes guardianship.

Jormungand (Norse Legend) The world serpent that dwelled at the bottom of the sea,and that encircled the whole world.

It was to rise against the gods at Ragnarok, helping the Fenris Wolf and Surt,and the other enemies of the gods, to destroy both Asgard and Midgard.

Dragon Symbols:
Wales is symbolized by a red dragon. In the Mabinogion the tale of Lludd and Llewelys speaks of the struggle between this red dragon and the white dragon.

It was long ago in the days of the Saxon invasions that this story takes place and it is no wonder that the white dragon is the invader, the Saxons, come to battle the red. As the symbolic struggle comes to a close, the two opposing dragons become drunk with mead.

It is in this drunken state that they are both buried in a large stone coffin and placed to rest in the center of the island of Britain.

The story goes that so long as the pair remains buried beneath Oxford the island will be protected from invasion.

Saint George is known as a Martyr and the Patron Saint of England. He was originally a Roman Calvary officer who was known for his courage in war. He was a mighty site on his white war-horse.

He eventually converted to Christianity, and to show the people that Christians did not have to be meek, he sought out to fight a dragon that was destroying the area around Cappadocia.
The people of the town tried to calm the beast with sacrifices of their best sheep. This worked for a while, but then the dragon attacked again. The poor people had to give up what they thought would rid the animal of their town: a virgin princess. George killed the dragon with the lance he had in his hand while charging with his huge steed.

Because of this heroic deed, other Christian Knights sought out to save damsels in distress from dragons, and this is how dragons eventually got slaughtered into being just a myth.

1. Leviathan is a _________ name for winged, fire-breathing dragon monster.
2. Wales is symbolized by a ____   _______.
3. Fafnir is a _______ dragon.
4. Wyvern is a winged, ___ – ______ dragon with a barbed tail.
5. Many Europeans considered the dragon to be ____ and ________.
6. Jormungand is the _____   _______.   7. Hydra is said to haunt the marshes of ______ near Argos.

Author & Researcher: Crick
Website: The Whispering Woods


Whispering Woods Ogham Course – Lesson Ten – Ogham Divination, interpretation of the 4 Fews

Whispering Woods Ogham Course – Lesson Ten
Ogham Divination, interpretation of the 4 Fews 

Eadha (Poplar) Intuition/Overcoming Obstacles
Poplar Gender: Feminine   Element: Water   Planet: Neptune
Heracles bound his head in triumph with poplar after killing the giant Cacus.
Black poplar is known as the death tree in old Celtic customs.
A wand of Aspen was used to measure the dead and the length of their grave plots. Silver Fir, a type of poplar, is used as an aid in divination.
OW-N: Sensitive to Elders. Wisdom gained through intuition.
OW-E: Obstacles to abundance overcome. Sharing of bounty.
OW-S: Kindliness leads to happiness. Follow instincts for bliss.
OW-W: Inspiration by intuition. Peace gained by perseverance.
MW-N: Challenges overcome. Intuition is accurate.
MW-E: Obstacles overcome to gain prosperity. Rewards from caring for others.
MW-S: Intuition/sensitivity leads to harmony/contentment. Obstacles to harmony overcome.
MW-W: Knowledge comes intuitively. Obstacles to learning overcome. Sensitive use of knowledge.
UW-N: Transformed by intuition. Obstacles end.
UW-E: Enjoyment of youth. Intuition leads to growth.
UW-S: Energy to overcome obstacles. Strong intuition.
UW-W: Sensitivity to others increases love and pleasure. Follow intuition in matters of the heart.

Saille (Willow) – Intuition/Flexibility. Path to Otherworld

Willow Gender – Feminine Element – Water Planet – Moon
A wand made from this tree is used for Esbat workings and Fertility workings.
The ogham letter for willow is S (Sail).
The Gaelic expression “Li Ambi ” means color of not living.
The Celts believe that though a person may be dead in this life, they are very alive in the otherworld. Thus we have the association of the color of the Willow tree and the color of a seemingly dead person.
Willow is one of the Seven Sacred Trees of the Irish and is sacred to the Druids.
Willow is known as a tree of protection.
OW – N: Wisdom enhanced by psychic power. Liberation in age.
OW – E: Abundance gives liberation. Bounty through intuition.
OW – S: Happiness comes from flexibility. Intuition/psychic power brings bliss.
OW – W: Flexibility for peace. Intuition leads to inspiration.
MW – N: Challenge to use psychic power wisely. Friction eased by flexibility.
MW – E: Prosperity from intuition and psychic power. What is sent comes back.
MW- S: Use of intuition to find contentment. In harmony with psychic power. Contentment from adaptability.
MW – W: Flexibility in learning and knowledge. Wide variety of interests. Intuitive learning. Liberation through knowledge.
UW – N: Psychic power is transforming. End of restrictions.
UW – E: Growth of intuition and psychic power.
UW – S: Psychic energy. Vitality of freedom. Keenly intuitive.
UW – W: Love is intuitive. Adaptability in finding love and enjoyment. Liberation in love. Psychic power enhances love.


Straif (Blackthorn) – Coercion/Control through force. Path to Otherworld

Blackthorn Gender – Feminine Element – Earth, Fire Planet – Mars, Saturn
Blackthorn is hung over doorways or carried on the person to ward off evil.
Blackthorn is sometimes called the Dark Crone of the Woods.
A long harsh winter is often referred to as a Blackthorn Winter.
The sharp thorns were said to have been used by English witches to pierce poppets in their curses, called the “pins of slumber”
OW – N: Wisdom controlled by others. Obstacles of age turned to benefits.
OW – E: Abundance lacking. Bounty dissipated.
OW – S: Happiness muted by others. Own joy lies in the hands of others.
OW – W: Inspiration muted. Peace enforced by others. Dissatisfaction.
MW – N: Challenged to seize control of own life. Use destructive power against obstacles.
MW – E: Prosperity controlled by others. Obstacles to goals need to be overcome for independence and success.
MW – S: Disharmony, discontent, need to break free of constraints to attain own contentment.
MW – W: Learning is a difficult process. Knowledge seems controlled and constricted. Need to explore new ideas.
UW – N: Destructive power turned against obstacles. Ending of coercion. Transformation of negative forces into positive ones.
UW – E: Growth inhibited. Control of youth.
UW – S: Energy controlled by others. Vitality dependent on others.
UW – W: Forbearance in love, false pleasure, pretense of love. Dominance in love can lead to its destruction. Resignation to will of others in love/pleasure.

Coll (Hazel) – Wisdom/Creativity/Perception. Path to Otherworld

Hazel Gender – Male Element – Air Planet – Mercury
Hazel is considered to be a Druid sacred tree.
Hazel nuts are often eaten to enhance divination, it is considered to be the nut related to wisdom. Hazel is the Celtic tree of wisdom, inspiration, and poetry.

Wands that are made from the wood of Hazel are used for Magick, Healing and Divination.
The ogham letter for the Hazel is C (Coll).
The surnames “MacColl ” and “MacCall” means “son of the hazel”. The Gaelic    name for the hazel is “Calltuinn” which translate as “the loss of something “. Thus the hazel is connected with death. The hazel is also associated with the Goddess Brighid, who is the goddess of wisdom and divine inspiration. The hazel is used during otherworld journeys to gain knowledge. When doing otherworld journeys, be on the lookout for a hazel wand, as this represents the symbol for a herald. The Druids often chewed hazelnuts as a means of attaining inspiration and knowledge of something hidden or lost. This also done by means of a dowsing rod made from hazel.
OW – N: Strong wisdom. Career in science/writing/creativity. Mental power. Understanding is accurate.
OW – E: Bounty and abundance from wisdom and creative expression.
OW – S: Understanding brings happiness. Joy in writing/science.
OW – W: Inspirational turn of mind. Spiritual writing. Perceptions for peacefulness.
MW – N: Wisdom/understanding challenged. Friction in creativity.
MW – E: Prosperity from creativity/understanding.
MW – S: Wisdom leads to harmony. Contentment from creativity.
MW – W: Educational writing. Perceptive ability increases knowledge. Participation in learning.
UW – N: Transformation of wisdom. Misunderstanding. Perceptions change.
UW – E: Wisdom grows. Youthful audience. Writing for young people. Science endeavors beginning to grow. Creativity and understanding increases.
UW – S: Energy to pursue interests.
UW – W: Love of learning. Pleasure in creative efforts.

1. Growth of intuition and psychic power is which realm?

2. Which tree does this Few represent?

3. What is the divination reading for this Realm; UW – S: under Coll?

4. What is the name of this Few?

5. What does this designation stand for; OW – E under Saille?

6. Straif represents which tree?

7. What is the interpretation for “Coll” in MW – N?



Source: Researcher & Author: Crick

Website: The Whispering Woods

Dragon Magick Courses

Today, I am going to post a Basic Dragon Lore Course. The course is written by one of my favorite Pagan writers, Crick. I run into his work on Witchvox and just couldn’t get enough of his writings. He is an excellent teacher, very smart and very wise. He is a very genuine writer, you can feel his honesty and sincerity coming through his writings. So I am very grateful that he has given us permission to use his work. The following is a brief bio of Crick. I hope you enjoy his work just as much as I always have………….

Well, I will try to keep this as short as possible. I was born into a Irish family one generation removed from our family roots in Ireland itself.
I started on the path of witchcraft in 1960 while living on a farm near Sparta Tennessee. My first introduction to the Craft was by way of learning simple herb lore and folk magic.
Faery lore was so ingrained into our family beliefs that it was second nature to our way of life.
I stayed within the family clan until circa 1975, at which time I moved to West Germany and became an associate member of a witchcraft coven there until my return to the US in the summer of 1978.
I would like to point out that during the 1970’s, my mother had also left the family clan and became involved with a closed coven that specialized in Astrology and the Tarot. She was a minor celebrity at the time and was frequently given free passage on cruise ships plying the waters between Florida and the Bahamas. In fact, if you took such a trip during that time and had a reading done, chances are she was the one who gave you the reading.
Anyway, upon my return to the states I decided to continue on the path as a solitaire. As part of this decision, I was back in the US for about three days, when I stuck my thumb out and left on a chatauqua that lasted 8 months.
Upon my return from this spiritual journey I began to associate anonymously with the Neo Pagan community as a solitaire.
In the years to follow, I quietly started to teach various aspects of the mystical arts that were not covered by the Neo Pagan agenda. Over the years I have become quite adept at topics such as crystals, runes , tarot, chakras and so on. Some folks see me as a master of Herbalism and Geomancy, however these are topics that are as natural to me as breathing.
On July 3rd. 2003, I was Certified as a Usui Ryoko, Reiki/Seichim Master, by way of the reknown, Carol Strong who is 11th. in lineage from Dr Mikao Usui. She now resides in Perth Australia.
On Beltain 2000, I originated and became the High Priest of Whispering Woods coven which has since morphed into the Whispering Woods clan with representation in New York, Missouri, Maryland and Pennsylvania. I retired as the HP in 2010 and from then till now, have since served as the Senior Elder.
During the summer of 2002, I was offered a 2nd. degree with a 3rd. degree in the offering, by the Alexandrian Wiccans. A position that I politely turned down due to personal reasons.
Over the years I have written just over 300 articles and poems which have been published in Green Egg, Pan Gaia, Crystal Caverns, Witchvox and so forth.
Also over the years I have been involved in more community offerings and projects then I care to mention here. A few of my favorites was the Helping Hand food pantry, the first Pagan Family Day in MD., and a county park in Howard county MD. where we donated and planted 100 trees.
In all of the years that I have been teaching, I have never charged a dime, and in addition, have composed around 13 pagan related courses which can be found at http://whisperingwood.homestead.com/Free-courses.html
The Whispering Woods site has been on line since 2000 CE.
The greatest influences in my life in regards to mysticism are my Grandparents; Shorty (Eldon) and Ina, Miss Bowie (a retired minister of a Christian mystical church, who passed through this realm in the late 1960’s), and my mentor who I shall simply call Ed, who started me on the path of Shamanism in 1999.
Due to his influence, I have experienced three vision quests over the years of which each was more difficult and spiritually insightful then the one before it.
At any rate, at the end of the day, I am simply Crick. Not a master of anything, but simply a curious student of life…  
After all of Crick’s accomplishments, my favorite comment comes at the end, “I am simply Crick.”