Aspects of the Moon in Virgo

my laptopAspects of the Moon in Virgo


General: Organization, detail, health, reaping your just rewards, fitness, refining your diet, purification, acquiring or improving skills, ensuring a good ‘harvest’ from a project, analysis, logical choices, precision and solutions.

Watch out for criticism, arguments, control and lack of trust.

New Moon: Problem solving, information, choices, accuracy, inner work and finding mistakes.

Full Moon: Problem solving, intuition and divination.

Element: Earth.

Colours: Grey, green, black.

Incense: Lemongrass, caraway, fennel, bergamot, dill, mint, horehound, marjoram.

Virgo Incense Blend: Equal parts of fennel, mint and marjoram with a few drops of bergamot essential oil.



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Rachel Patterson