The Witches Magick for the 17th Day of the Wort Moon – Motivation Moon Charm



Use this moon charm to motivate and inspire you.

You will need a piece of tumbled hematite, a small white stone, a small magnet, and a small pouch in which to put the stones and magnet.

At 11: 11 p.m., hold the hematite in your power hand, and clear and charge it using a pulsed-breath technique. In your mind’s eye, imagine a bright white star on a black background, as if there is only one incredible bright star in the night sky. Once the image of the star is clear in your mind’s eye, take a deep breath, then pulse your breath sharply out your nose. As you do, put the image into the hematite stone with your mind’s energy, with the power of your focused thought. Now, imagine having more creativity and more energy to do the things you love, both play and work. Put this feeling in the stone. Once the feeling is strong and clear, take another deep breath, and once again, pulse your breath sharply out your nose, imprinting the crystal with that uplifting, motivational feeling. Repeat this process three times to set the image in place within the hematite.

Now, repeat the same process with the small white stone to charge it. Put the hematite, crystal, and the small magnet in the pouch. Hold the pouch between your hands, and say three times:

Black and white into gray

Motivate and inspire me

Every night and every day!

Put the pouch in your desk drawer (away from your computer because of the magnet). Whenever you need a burst of energy to finish the task at hand, take the pouch out, hold it between your hands, and repeat the following:

Motivate and inspire me

Every night and every day!

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Sirona Knight