Celebrating Legends, Folklore, & Spirituality 365 Days A Year – Justitia’s Day (Themis)

Fantasy in red

January 8th

Justitia’s Day (Themis)

In classical Paganism, the spirit of Justice was feminine. It was believed that the quality of justice depended upon the femi- nine principle of Nature, which had a closer kinship with natura justum (that which is by Nature) than the masculine sex had. It was Themis, the daughter of Uranus and Gaea and advisor to Zeus, who personified law and order. She protected the innocent, punished the guilty, and was considered the Goddess of law, peace, justice and righteousness. Themis carried a set of scales and was present at all feasts, social gatherings, and oath-swearing ceremonies.

Calendar of the Sun for January 7th

Calendar of the Sun
7 Wolfmonath

Justicia I: Themis’s Day

Color: Blue
Element: Air
Altar: Upon a blue cloth place three candles, a goblet of white wine, and any book related to the study of social rules.
Offerings: Go out into the community and do service.
Daily Meal: All food must be ethically and sustainably grown.

Invocation to Themis

(To be said Call And Response)

Lady of the All-Seeing Eyes,
Advisor to Kings and God-Kings,
Themis Eubolos, Good Counselor,
You who are always on the winning side,
Guardian of Propriety and Civic Duty,
Lady of the Public Assembly,
Keeper of Order,
Builder of Correct Ceremony,
Teacher of the Discipline of Graciousness,
You who know the value of Procedure,
Mother of Rules,
Mother of Justice,
Mother of Peace,
From you sprang the Hours,
From you sprang the Graces,
From you sprang the foundation of our Order.
You who took pity on humanity
And showed them how to save themselves
With the bones of their Mother,
Creating life from stone,
Show us, too, the proper way of things,
That we might always honor your name.
Hail Themis!

(Pour out the libation and all exit. Immediately upon leaving the service, go out into the community and do some visible service in Themis’s name.)